[Archive] Another recruit joins the Staff!


Continuing to bolster the ranks of the Staff is AGPO, he has agreed to join the Staff as a Moderator.

Congratulations to AGPO!

I’d also like to point out that this brings us back to eight Staff members:
3 Administrators  Xander, Willmark and cornixt

5 Moderators AGPO, Ghrask DraghGrimstonefire, Hashut’s Blessing, and wallacer,

We have now brought the Staff back up to full strength for the first time since Lord Zharkov and The Flying Beaver stepped down. This is the first time since last March that we actually added Staff when I replaced Ellimist.

So please be super welcoming to not only AGPO in his new role, but to all of the Staff and lets help keep Chaos Dwarfs online chugging along.

The idea of more moderators is that they can help “nudge” everyone along with discussion and get them back on track when discussions get derailed. :slight_smile: Also the idea is that there are more Staff  we can be more assessable to concerns and questions.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Congradulations everyone!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Welcome aboard, AGPO!

The door to the right is a Sith Emporium and the door to the left is a Cake-covered demise.


Congratulations AGPO!

Beware of the Ginsu Owls. I’ve heard they lurk around the admins and mods for some reason… though I hear they are quite tasty.


This is great news AGPO. :cheers (I’m still buzzed nicely from Ghrask’s celebratory drinks, but I want you to join in the fun!)

CDO is hiring like it’s a booming economy, not a recession :wink:


I’m beginning to think there’s becoming a power imbalance. There needs to be some kind of opposition party just to hold the powers that be in check…


GRNDL: Now we don’t want to encourage revolutions that would simply impose a dictator… perhaps from a small neutral country… to rise up and create problems. I wouldn’t stand for that! That would create chaos and not the kind of chaos we like!

Besides… we’ve got good picks, what’s to complain about? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

i see that swiss will be the new moderator for tomorrow!!


Besides... we've got good picks, what's to complain about? :P

Lack of ale, wenches, posts in off-topic not counting? There's lots to complain about. We're shallow proletariat, remember?


Suddenly the expression “Let them eat Cake!” takes on a whole new meaning. Sadly, HB won’t even let us have that! :wink:

Just kidding HB, you’re a good person! :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Congatulations AGPO!

more drinking? oh god… here we go again :cheers


two Long Islands, 8 shots, two strongbows, and three glasses of Crown Royal later

You sir… are to comeser… errr commemorated. Yes, sir… he’s a good pick folks!

stumbles home singing songs from the American Civil War

:wink: Gotta love Wisconsin style celebrations!


Congrats AGPO! :cheers


Good for AGPO! congratulations. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

More drinking, more staff ,How does anything going to be getting done???

now we have 8 staff voting member!!! let put it to a vote 4 for it 4 against it !!!

now the wheels of Hashut will slowly grind to a stop !!

we became a power !! just like a Goverment !! We the staff !! decided more is better !! we Forgot everything that was important!! To us as members!!


Congratulations AGPO :hat off

More Staff now we just need to get them serving drinks ,up the staff (:o)


I'm beginning to think there's becoming a power imbalance. There needs to be some kind of opposition party just to hold the powers that be in check...

I think I balance things out nicely...


I’ll join the opposition, to plunge the forum into anarchy, chaos and confusion

well, maybe not that mcuh but hey…

vote BlackMage!!!:hat off


congrats agpo

and ghrask too(think i mssed your party,but sounds fun,thanks for not inviteing me:))

Kera foehunter:

im not mad at the new members!! sorry guys