[Archive] Another season yes or no?


I’m still undecided whether to run another season or not :~

So question is quite simple: “should we do it or not”?

Before you say “yes please” - here is some changes that will be made for a 2013/14 season - please look at before answering please:

  • No team size restrictions, this time it can now be anything from a solo team - to … yes, a 1000 men :slight_smile:
  • Only new teams will be match up in each round. No automatically carrying teams over. This will probably mean fewer but hopefully more interesting matches.
  • Match up will be on a “first entered/first matched”-base - meaning that should we have an un-even number of participants in a round �?" last one entered won�?Tt take part, but will - of course - be first entry for any upcoming rounds. That said, I’ll put my own entries in reserve to minimize the risk (should I have one, that is).
  • Point system will change too. We’ll introduce a 10 point system for match results - based on percentages - so there will be 10-0, 8-2, 6-4 or 5-5 - results.

All other rules will stay the same - of course.

This is not a signing up poll - just common interest in what the community think :slight_smile:

And comments are welcome of course :smiley:


Er… I admit I always voted for the BSL but never actually read the rules. Can you post a link to them?


Well thanks :smiley:

Current rules should be sticky in the sub-forum (I hope) :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed taking part in the first two seasons, and these new rules sound like fun! The Brush Slave always got me to at least paint some mini’s each month, so if there’s a new season I’m in :slight_smile:


Since I just started painting after many, many free weeks I say: yes please!


Need to paint a lot of dudes. Count me in.


I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m up for seeing what the whole shebang is about!


pretty please with sugar on top!

but yes please to everyone that reads this: stuff like this becomes more and more fun with more contestants so the more the merrier and what not (:

but yes consider me game (:

oh I like the new rules, i dont get all the bonuses yet, but whatever happens there wont be all the same repeats so smily face (:


Yes please, its just makes it feel like some sort of a obligation(I know it isn’t), which makes it much easier to actualy paint some minis


15 yesses, where are the rest of the guys???


I don’t think I can participate this season: new place, new job, probably no time for painting…


You’ll certainly be missed, my friend - but looks like you got busy times ahead of you :slight_smile: - best of luck.

Hope you will soon find time for painting again, and will keep an eye on the blog - cause I’m dying to that Dwarf Juggernaut painted :stuck_out_tongue:

The poll will run for another week os so (I think) and please keep on voting - but for those that would like to participate, I want to say … “keep you brushes wet and sharp … as we’ll be kicking off season 3 on October 1st” (officially) :slight_smile:


I want to say .... "keep you brushes wet and sharp ... as we'll be kicking off season 3 on October 1st" (officially) :)

Whooohoooo!!! I'll mark my calander (:

And Jaeckel! good luck with the new job!

Kera foehunter:

This is one of the best things on the site that the cdo member support. You all do a great job of painting … I wish i could paint as well as all of you :frowning:


Wuhuuu! Tomorrow I’ll have start to start painting more minis. Really looking forward to this competion.