[Archive] Any Black Library things interest you?


A few things I find interesting, mostly about dwarfs :smiley:

GW released the Gotrek and Felix audio book Slayer of the Storm God, anyone buy that?  

I listened to the free sample.  The reader calls him ‘Got-rek’, where I would say ‘Go-trek’.  I found it sufficiently annoying that I won�?Tt be buying it any time soon.  Maybe eventually once I�?Tve got a bit more cash.

At a recent Black Library open day/ interview thing, it was confirmed that there will be a series of books based on Thanquol.  Also the possibility of a spin off series involving at least one character from the series.  I�?Tm hoping for snorri, but I�?Tm guessing it will either be Malaki, or more realistically Ulrika.

Shamanslayer will hopefully be at Games Day UK

As will Empire, the sequel to Heldenhammer.  If I can be bothered to queue on games day I will corner Graham and ask him about the CD reference in Heldenhammer.

Finally Honour keeper, a new book by Nick Kyme, who is amazing writing about dwarfs, so I will have to pick this one up at games day. I’ll kidnap Nick and force him to write a CD novel, he would be the best writer GW has for this IMO.

You can read all the info here




I have just finished reading Honour keeper it is so so good i loved every page just wish that it had been longer cant wait for the next one, you will not be disappointed

Ancient History:

I bought Honourkeeper and Slayer of the Storm God (both of which underwent a brief and unexpected detour to Sweden, according to the box); the latter would have made a good novella, but for the price…meh.


I haven’t read a slayer book since Bill King stopped writing the series… (well I read the first one from nathan Long and I’m not impressed…)


I haven't read a slayer book since Bill King stopped writing the series.. (well I read the first one from nathan Long and I'm not impressed..)

The others ain't so bad. The first one really suffers form the WTF 20 years just passes, OMG that's lame thing.

Though I borrow them from my friend the dwarf player so I'm not paying for them. As omnibuses I'd have no problems buying them though. I actually buy all GW/BL books as omnibuses. Much better value. Well except the few Chaos space marine ones anyway.

Ancient History:

Bill King left off on a high point (Giantslayer), but Nathan Long has been getting steadily better with every book.

Still waiting for Kinslayer, though.

Groznit Goregut:

I agree that the Nathan Long books get much better after Orcslayer. That one just wasn’t very good and I almost stopped reading them. I’m glad I kept going, though, as the DE one was pretty good. I really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the Felix and Go-Trek (I agree with you) books, but never really pay attention to when they get released. What’s the deal with the audio-book? How much is it? Where can you buy it? Can you get it on iTunes? I’d love to listen to it while on my daily commute on the bus each day.

I’ve only just recently moved beyond them, though. I have the Stories of the Old World and I enjoyed most of those. I even recall buying a book back in the mid-90’s that was all about evil stories. There was one about a bandit turning into a chaos warrior and then demon that really stuck with me through the years (of even not playing GW games times). I’ve also read and enjoyed the Ambassador series. Oh, they aren’t Neal Stephenson or anything, but I liked them.

What else is good? I got Fell Cargo for Xmas, but haven’t read it yet. I forgot that I had it, actually. I admit that I’m somewhat picky. I don’t want bad fantasy fiction. I’m not super interested in dwarf books, either, but not against them.

Ancient History:

I enjoyed the Felix and Go-Trek (I agree with you) books, but never really pay attention to when they get released.  What's the deal with the audio-book?  How much is it?  Where can you buy it?  Can you get it on iTunes?  I'd love to listen to it while on my daily commute on the bus each day.  

Groznit Goregut
This is, in effect, the catch. It's only available from the Black Library on CD, it's 9.8 British pounds plus shipping for 75 minutes.


What else is good?  I got Fell Cargo for Xmas, but haven't read it yet.  I forgot that I had it, actually.  I admit that I'm somewhat picky.  I don't want bad fantasy fiction.  I'm not super interested in dwarf books, either, but not against them.

Groznit Goregut
Got-rekk. It's Got-rekk and Felix. Barbarians...

For my money the 40k BL books in general are better then the WHFB ones. I don't know why, but much of it could be Dan Abnett, but other stuff is very good too. Fell Cargo is... readable, though not up to Dan Abnett standard ironically... I got it for £1 at the BL sale so... the other Nathan Long books (Black Hearts) are ok too. But still the omnibus is the only way to go IMHO. It also means quality issues can be forgiven more easily.

Ancient History:

The Malus Darkblade novels by Mike Lee are very good - certainly the best treatment of Dark Elves yet (though Malekith was pretty snazzy itself).

Groznit Goregut:

I have to admit that I have absolutely no interest in reading 40k stuff.

How are the Sigmar books? I have to admit that they didn’t really look too interesting at first, but if they are going to go into how the Empire was formed after the orcs were beat, than it might be cool.


the adventures of florin and lorenzo will take you guys from lustria, to the orge kingdoms, seeing skaven to tilian pirates.

AWESOME book compilation.

Kera foehunter:

Never had the chance to read any of the warhammer books!!

Kinda sad


I’ve read all the slayer series, and recently decided to read them all from the start again. Just luv 'em.

I know there was going to be a part 2 of heldenhammer, but i didn’t consider it would be about the fight with Morkar!(Although it was pretty obvious)

Gotta have the first un now…


Heldenhammer is a good read I think. Worth buying.

@Ancient History

Is the Dwarf part of Malekith very big? I was hoping a big bit would be on snorri whitebeard. Maybe even a hint to CD or two?


@Grimstonefire:To ask for CD in a dark elf book is a wee bit much to ask for i think. :wink:


I love the Gotrek and Felix series. I finished the 2nd Omnibus over Christmas. Vampire slayer has me REALLY inspired to do VC again, and I am being pulled back in.

I’ve got the Vampire trilogy sitting on my bed stand, and I’m enjoying it so far.

I’d love to see a spin off on Ulrika taking off where Vampireslayer left off. That would be PERFECT for me. I’d love it. Though I’d be happy with a series on Thanquol also.

Riders of the Dead was an enjoyable book too.

Ancient History:

Is the Dwarf part of Malekith very big?  I was hoping a big bit would be on snorri whitebeard.  Maybe even a hint to CD or two?

The Dwarf part is very big. There is one hint regarding CD, Thagg-a-Durz...but you can read about that on the wiki (when it rises from the grave) or the thread in the Background section.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

I like Grudgelore, Oath Breaker and Grudgebearer. I just ordered Honour Keeper, cheers!

Ancient History:

Actually, Grey Seer Thanquol is getting his own novel.