[Archive] Any body got any spare big hats?



I must confess: I love big hats :hat! I got into CD for the mask look, but the hats have really grown on me. I’m looking forward to converting my BfSP guys, but would like some of the traditional big hats just for laughs. If anyone’s looking to unload some plastic 4th ed. big hat warriors or their command, I’d be happy to pay a more than fair price for them. However, I’m made of gold (how I wish) and can’t afford SWSNBN-level of prices. PM me with what you’ve got and I’ll make you an offer.


- McNs :hat


I’ve taken the BfSP dwarfs and added hats to them. Take a small piece of straw, (the plastic drinking kind) and add a buckler from the Dwarf Thunderer pack. The thunderers come with 12 bucklers per sprue of 4 guys. Thats 48 bucklers in the pack. Thats more than enough for the whole of the BfSP box and the thunderers if you don’t use bucklers for their blunderbusses as well.


I have some if you want to trade

follow the link: