[Archive] Any Mount and Blade fans here? New Bannerlord game wip demo is up

Fuggit Khan:

I’m a HUGE fan of Mount and Blade Warband…some of you may know that the next installment Mount and Blade II Bannerlord is in the works. The latest teaser development wip video is up:

Mount&Blade II Bannerlord - TaleWorlds Entertainment

Well worth to scroll down and check out the blog post #8, the game engine.

For those of you who have not played Mount and Blade, it’s a large sandbox medieval setting with realistic armors, weapons etc (no magic, no soul gems, no monsters). The combat system is pretty cool, which factors in weight, swing balance, etc for weapons. And yes, a single arrow (to the knee or otherwise) will really mess you up (as it would do in real life). No uber characters, and the large scale battles of hundreds of warriors, heavy cavalry and mercenaries is lots of fun :hat off


Finally good to see another mount and blade fan. I glad to see them working on a new one seeming the viking conquest was some what of a bust.

Fuggit Khan:

Available soon on Steam (release date to be announced):

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord on Steam

With FULL modding available too :cheers

It looks truly awesome…once I get this I probably won’t leave the house for untold months.


Yes! I’m loving this!


About damn time! :smiley:

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