[Archive] any reviews on Cadwallon minatures?



My recent trade/ major purchase for CD seems to be falling through.

Now, short of buying directly from FW, there’s not many options.

I know that there’s re-casts on ebay from china, russia and a few other countries. But does anyone have any experience with

Cadwallon. They seem to be Russian (or ukranian?), and most likely, re-casts.

mods, if posting about recasts is against terms, please delete this and send me a warning message. sorry!

Now, i’m not entirely opposed to recasts, but want to know if anyone has experiences with this company.

How was the cast(ing)?

Is it legit? Did they deliver?


  thanks with any and all help.

EDIT: URL to offending site removed. For those of you hell-bent on finding the site, do the leg-work away from CDO!

Goltor Lintrepide:

I just bought the daemonsmiths from them, I will let you know how it goes once I recieve them.



I’d appreciate that.

Goltor Lintrepide:

Well, for now it seems ok. I received an invoice for my payment via Paypal a few hours later. The shipping was 6$ for an item worth 18.75$ plus a 4% of the total (I don’t know where that come from) for paying with Paypal.

So the total is 25.74$.

I guess it’s not a big difference with what you get with forge world but I wanted to make a small order first, to try it out.

So I should post here again when I get it.


Ticking time bomb

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Ticking time bomb

i agree. why not just buy it from FW? after all costs are worked out it will be the same price and dealing with FW is amazing! everytime something is not caste right they send me a replacement asap.

do you like chaos dwarfs? do you like this game? if you want to see it continue why on earth are you stealing from FW?!?! (because that's what your doing. built into FWs cost is the money they spend on concept, thus amazing games/art work/models/etc. by not buying from them your denying them the opportunity to make their money back on those costs. your stealing from someone). i hope the models come out garbage and they don't refund you.


It’s an awesome store, but delivery time can be quite long (not as long as Maelstrom though).

I’m dissapointed that they’ve started selling recasts though. I’ve bought a lot of Confrontation miniatures from them, and they’ve been the real deal every time (cards included and in the original box).

Shame they’re starting to put their own store in harms way by doing this kind of things… oh well, all good things must come to an end I guess…

Oh yeah, Legendarion miniatures are awesome!


Casting and Mould Making @ CDO:


What is not acceptable:

Selling or advertising the sale of models or moulds that are casts of anything YOU don’t own the Copyrights/ Intellectual Property rights to. This includes posting links to places that sell such models if they are not your own.

Each of you discussing the illegal recasting of these models needs to get yourselves over to the Chaos Dwarfs Online Forum Rules ASAP. What you do with your money is your own business, but do not involve CDO in your illiegal affairs as we want no part of it.

@thrawn - thanks for pointing out that this kind of thing only serves to hinder the community.

Any money that should/would be spend in support of the new range of models, but is instead redirected to illegal knock-offs is less money that will be cycled into future development. Guys, Chaos Dwarfs can still reasonably be considered a fringe army, and because of this GW is closely watching the sales figures, likely considering what their next move will be. The best way for Chaos Dwarfs to ever go main-stream will be to support the company that holds the intellectual property rights. Unlike the Chaos Dwarf models, a couple of players buying illegal space marines isn’t going to matter one bit at the end of the day to the rest of the community because that product isn’t sitting on the knife-edge, with every sales figure that comes in being closely scrutinized.

Do all of us a favour and buy the models the right way.

In case there are any doubts as well, for those of you discussing this company and their practices -

This is the only warning you will get.

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