[Archive] Any spare FW/hellcannon crew?


I’m open minded here.

If anyone has any spare crew for any of the WF machines or the hellcannon I’m interested.

Unpainted and unconverted.

Paypal only.

Also, as I happen to be posting here.

All the Bloodletter parts (including hero) from the Blood Throne of Khorne (with the exception of the armour plates on the hero’s legs) need a home.

So any reasonable offers and it’s yours.  All on the sprue still.


I’m typing the PM right after this.


I have the 3 iron daemon crew for sale;)


I’ll take those as well.  Pm on it’s way.

To avoid any wasted offers, I’ll try and lock this and re-open should I need any more.

The sprue is still for sale/ trade should anyone want it.