[Archive] Any word of when the voting thread for Artisan X will be posted?



Just curious about this - the submission deadline was nearly a week ago, and no voting thread has been posted.

I’d really like to see what the entrants came up with!


I’d try to do it, but I am already late in leaving town for the weekend. :S

I wasn’t really active when it was posted.

Hopefully another Staff member gets to it on the weekend, if not, I will try getting to it on Sunday when I return! Sorry for the delay!


No problem - have a good weekend!


Not to needle anyone, but has there been progress on setting up a voting thread for this contest?


I’ll see if I can get to it at the weekend. Obviously I will use cunning psychological techniques to subconsciously convince people to vote for my entry, but that can’t be avoided.


Thanks, cornixt!

My plan is that the pure awesome of my entry will consciously convince people to vote for it. :wink:


Damn, why do people have to cheat by using their talent!