[Archive] Anybody want to commision their own Big Hat?

Glimpse the Void:

I posted a picture of the evil dwarf big hat my mother made for me a few days ago:

Apparently she is happy to make more for $100 US, including shipping within the U.S.  (checking on international shipping prices currently)

She was really pleased by the response, and their seemed to be enough interested that she was willing to make a few more for anyone who is interested.  I’ve already begun talking to a few people on this site and others, but I thought I would make sure this was public knowledge,  so nobody feels like they missed out.

I know the price is a bit steep, but this took a bit of work.  More work than I had realized to the truth of it.  The other factor is my mother’s medical condition, as this means that each hat is literally bought with her pain.  We talked for quite a bit before I could get her to settle on a value that made her smile.

So there you have it, I think she plans to begin work on some more hats directly. It’s easier for her to do some of the components at the same time. Additionally, she is going back to Barbados in a few weeks. I’m imagine she would still be willing to work on these for folks, but I imagine that might complicate things. so I just wanted to throw all this out there.

May the Blessings of Hashut be upon you all.


I’ll just go return all the stuff my kids got for christmas.

I smart thinking to do the same component at the same time. But does this prevent ud from wishing a specific colour?

Tell her thanks. It’s great work.

And tell her no big hat is worth a worsening condition - ever!


I’m having one - really cant wait!

Glimpse the Void:

I'll just go return all the stuff my kids got for christmas.

I smart thinking to do the same component at the same time. But does this prevent ud from wishing a specific colour?

Tell her thanks. It's great work.

And tell her no big hat is worth a worsening condition - ever!

Blood, I will have to reword what I said because I think I gave the wrong impression. She deals with Fibromyalgia, which means that an amount muscle and nerve pain is something she can't really get away from. That being said, doing things like this for people (not to mention a paid commission) gives her something to be really excited about.

Glimpse the Void:

I smart thinking to do the same component at the same time. But does this prevent ud from wishing a specific colour?

And tell her no big hat is worth a worsening condition - ever!

To your first point, no I don't think that would inhibit color or pattern selection. Many of the components are internal and would be standardized (though customized to fit the individual's head).

To your second, I will tell her but I offer this overly long response because I don't want to sound like I'd make a hat making slave of my mother. I apologize in advance for the wordiness, but for clairty's sake:

I have to start buy saying that I did a poor job of explaining what I meant. My mother deals with Fibromyalgia every day, and for those of you who don't know, that means that doing the sorts of everyday things that give all our lives value comes with the cost of muscle and nerve pain. I didn't mean to make it sound like we were aggravating anything or causing her any harm. I'd never dream of it. The situation is more that she picks and chooses what she wants to do with each day according to what is worth it for her. For this reason, she'd be doing something that is worth it for her everyday that she's able. There are days when she doesn't really feel well enough to do much of anything, and she has to stay in. That is why she works hard to do the things she is able to, because it is "worth it" and gives her something to look back to in times when she can't. All that being said, I wouldn't cause my mother any ounce of discomfort that could be avoided. I only meant to explain that if she was going to feel the kind of aches and pains that she was going to feel by doing something like volunteer work, visiting a friend, an elderly person, or walking down the beach, she could also be motivated to make someone a big hat.

The value to her becomes worthwhile when she finds out how much it meant to someone else, and that it makes people smile (not to mention the money). She would have been doing "something", because that's who she is. The idea here is that "something" could be a big hat, if it meant that much to anyone in particular.


Awww really awesome, But can’t afford that :smiley:


My compliments and well wishes to your mother. Sad to hear about the medical condition.

I’m not in a hurry or particular want of a big hat, so I’ll better let others take that queue place. However, I wonder if $100 plus shipping is a bit low for such a work of craftsmanship? I’m just guessing how many hours might have went into the big hat (thinking of hour wages here). Then again a skilled knitter could probably be a lot faster than the uninitiated might expect? And the fun of knitting for your mother might play a part in the price level?

Just curious because I’d have a hard time to decide prices for any kinds of commisions myself.

It’ll be pretty special if several Dawi Zharr players show up to the same tournament in big hats!

Hashut’s Blessing:

That is an amazing piece of work. I have no money, but I WILL save up for this. Let me know what postage costs would be to the UK when you can please!


Its SO cool, hope you sell some :wink:

Glimpse the Void:

It was about $30 to ship it using the united postal service, so mom didn’t mind keeping the price at $100 USD to the UK. She’ll be heading back to Barbados soon, and I don’t know how that would complicate things. Thank you all for the compliments, she’s really enjoyed seeing the response.


This is fantastic!!

Any way to get the symbol of Hashut? Still pondering


Now for the hard questions. Is it knitted or crocheted? Is the beard detachable?

And do you count your mum as a A. Slave, B. Valued slave/servant. C. Matriarch or D. Demi-goddess

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent to read! Even better that she’s enjoying the response - I shall try to get the money together (she can enjoy barbados without my order for now :wink: ).


That’s a good Mum you’ve got there! Excellent job on the tusks too. I think every Warhammer game you play using your Chaos Dwarfs should be done wearing this and you insist your opponents refer to you by your Dawi’Zharr name :hat off


Glimpse the Void:

It is crocheted and the beard attaches by two clasps she made. You could even partially take it off so you could let it hang without taking it off all the way. Also, My mother would be officially classified as “da bomb”. She had a really hard time even imagining setting a price, and then tried to tell me I could keep the money and just sell them for her. I wasn’t gonna argue with her about it, so she can just let the paypal money slide on over to her account.

As for the symbol, yup, I’m sure she could put just about anything on there. I’ve worn it to a game already and it was hilarious when guys all around the club stopped their games and came to take pictures with camera phones. To make a confession, I’ve been playing WOC lately and wearing this hat was enough to have me pack them right up and get back to those evil little people we all love so much.


Going to pick my hat up from the post office tomorrow, so excited!


I am off to a tournament at the end of the month and am going to wear this all weekend!