[Archive] Anyone going to games day (UK)?


I’m not this year, too many distracting things for me to do a golden daemon entry (the only reason I’d go).

Just wondering if anyone is going.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not this year, but hopefully next year!


Boo! Hiss!

Some of our greatest member concentration is in the UK! You guys need to get your act together and promote Chaos Dwarfs at Games Day! :wink:


only ever been once back in 2002.

was fun, but it was kinda humid in there, so bad I had to keep going in and out to fill my lungs with dry cool air.

-i’m not asthmatic or anything, just can’t stand hot damp air. :-p


I thought it was important to ask, because often I read after games days people moaning about how they didn’t see anything new…  Whereas most news (in recent years) as been from chatting to the designers.  Between AGPO and I we seem to have found out almost all the interesting fantasy news in the last year just by chatting to people.

But neither of us are going this year, so it would be reassuring to know if there will be someone there asking FW about their plans for the CD. Especially as my gut feeling is that between this UK games day and the next one there will be something released for CD.


I hope your gut is correct! My gut is telling me I need a sandwich.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Boo! Hiss!

Some of our greatest member concentration is in the UK! You guys need to get your act together and promote Chaos Dwarfs at Games Day! ;)

If I had a job, maybe that'd hold some water, lol :D Well, I managed to get a job, but it's unpaid, lol :D
I hope your gut is correct! My gut is telling me I need a sandwich.

Mine's saying "Duck pizza wasn't such a great idea!"...


i can tell you one thing about my gut, and it tells me to tell you:



I will be going to this years games day as always this make gamesday number 8 for me, i will be entering in to golden daemon but not sure if it will be any thing CD this year


OK, you’re the CDO point man then so far…

Anything you find out can we ask that you post it ASAP?? Maybe even same-day? Particularly any news relating to the mystery release for October?



I would be interested in knowing if they thought steam powered chaos dwarf machines were a possibility at some point. Also if they are thinking of doing/redoing the hellcannon.


Sadly I will not be able to go to games days this year but I like the idea of running an CDO event there at some time.


Not a problem guys i am happy to do this, i will update to this thread if you like at the event like last year and i will take plenty of nice pictures to show every one :slight_smile:


From the FW newsletter email:

Looks like Rudgie and Sam Lamont will be guys to speak to.  It would be nice if someone here went to one of the seminars and pestered them about CD. :slight_smile: Almost wish I was going now.

Hi There,

With less than 10 days until Games Day UK, we have another Newsletter crammed with exciting announcements for you. This week, we have details of more pre-release items that you�?Tll be able to purchase at our sales stand along with more titbits about the work-in-progress projects that our Studio team will be showcasing. We can also announce details of an exclusive Forge World Seminar to take place at Games Day.

Remember that you can still order your Games Day ticket, if you haven�?Tt already, and here at Forge World we�?Tre looking forward to seeing all of you at the NEC!


Ead Brown

More Forge World Pre-Releases Available at Games Day UK and to Pre-Order Now:

Chapter-specific A4 Transfer Sheets

Forge World�?Ts Kenton Mills has been hard at work of late, busily working away on a new range of transfer sheets. Some of these have already been released, such as those available now for the Imperial Fists, Iron Hands and Raven Guard Chapters, but as another Games Day pre-release you�?Tll be able to get your hands on four new A4 decal sheets for the Blood Ravens, Crimson Fists, Blood Angels and Elysians, priced at £9 a sheet.

Each decal sheet is crammed with a huge array of squad badges suitable for shoulder pads, jump packs and vehicles. There are also unit designations and unique details such as Librarian rank markings in the case of the Blood Ravens decals, and Vulture Gunship and Tauros kill markings on the Elysian sheet. Each of these fantastic sheets will be available as an exclusive Games Day UK pre-release while stocks last.

Each of the new transfer sheets is also available to pre-order now, if you aren�?Tt lucky enough to be joining us at Games Day UK, and will be despatched in the week commencing October 4th.

New Etched Brass Symbols

Not content with his awesome Transfer sheets, Kenton has also found time to produce a sheet of incredibly detailed Etched Brass Symbols for the Iron Hands, featuring a variety of Chapter and Clan-Company details perfect for making your infantry and vehicles stand out even more.

He�?Ts also recently finished a set of Etched Brass Ork Glyphs to complement the recent range of Kastorel-Novem themed Greenskin kits that we have released. These glyphs allow you to personalise and name your Ork characters and vehicles in typical Orky fashion.

Both of these detailed Etched Brass sheets will be available as a pre-release at Games Day while stocks last.

Space Marine Character Upgrade Set

Will Hayes and Phil Stutcinskas have followed up their work on our recent Power Armour sets and Weapon Packs with this detailed set of upgrade parts to allow you to customise unique Space Marine figures from Sergeants to Captains. The Character Upgrade Pack features 5 bolt pistols and a plasma pistol, styled along the same lines as the Special Weapons Pack, as well as three bionic arms, a bionic leg, a mechanically detailed head, a fantastic right-handed Power Fist and an ornate Power Sword. The sprues also contain a combat knife and a combi-flamer to offer even more conversion options, as you can see here.

The Space Marine Character Upgrade Set will be available as a pre-release item from the Forge World Sales Stand at Games Day UK while stocks last, priced at £10.

It�?Ts also available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing October 4th.

Forge World Show Only Model

Not content with our staggering array of resin kits, modelling supplies and Imperial Armour books, each year Forge World produces a Show Only figure, which as the name suggests can only be purchased from our Sales Stand at an event we attend. The Show Only figure for 2010 is this excellent Ork Runt Bot designed by Mark Bedford. Only available until the end of the year, this unique miniature will be available at Games Day UK alongside the rest of our Ork range while stocks last, and can be yours for £20.

Perfect for use as a vignette, or for representing a Warboss with a Bionik Body or wearing Mega Armour, the Runt Bot depicts a hulking Orky robot wildly swinging its huge klaws while a tiny Grot perches on a vast armour plate, desperately wrestling with his kontrol pad.

Forge World Studio Displays

In addition to our talented model designers, the Forge World studio boasts a dedicated book production team and two Imperial Armour writers and this week we can offer an exclusive peek at what will be on offer from these skilled chaps.

Alan Bligh, writer of Imperial Armour Apocalypse II and the brand new Imperial Armour Volume 9: The Badab War Part I, will be on hand with an entire box of pens to sign your copy, and rumour has it that he will even be letting slip a few of the dark secrets contained within the forthcoming second, and final, half of our epic exploration of the Badab War.

Warwick Kinrade, the writer of Imperial Armour Volume 8: Raid On Kastorel-Novem, will be laying bare his plans for future Imperial Armour books which might involve snow, Eldar and a popular Space Marine Chapter�?�

Kenton Mills is one of the Graphic Artists behind many of the colour profiles included in recent Imperial Armour books, as well as the architect of the Transfer and Etched Brass sheets that we have recently released. He�?Tll be showcasing his work on the Badab War series, so don�?Tt forget to ask him to sign your book!

Graphic Artist Ian Strickland is the most recent addition to the Book Production team, and he will have an array of his colour profile work from the Badab War series for you to admire. He will no doubt be easily persuaded to spill a few secrets about exactly how all the fantastic colour profiles in an Imperial Armour book are planned, created, laid out and printed. No Imperial Armour Volume 9 bought at Games Day will be complete without the signature of Forge World�?Ts professional Yorkshireman.

To complete the set, make sure you seek out Book Production Manager Paul Rudge, who oversees every book project that Forge World embarks on. Rudgie also produces colour profiles and photo art for Imperial Armour books, and his iron fist controls all the technical aspects of making a document into a book.

You should also look out for Graphic Artist Sam Lamont, who is responsible for the fantastic Badab Sector Map on one side of the A1 poster supplied with The Badab War Part I, as well as many of the fantastic photo art and other star maps featured across the two parts of the Badab War series. Exactly what these two will be showcasing at Games Day UK is still shrouded in secrecy, so keep an eye on next week�?Ts Newsletter for more details.

We have prepared a special Games Day UK page on the Forge World website that you can find here which contains more details about everything you can expect to see at the NEC on September 26th.

Forge World Seminars at Games Day UK

We can now confirm that Head of Forge World Tony Cottrell and Studio Manager Owen Branham will be hosting an exclusive seminar, �?~The Future of Forge World�?T, at Games Day UK, and these will be held in the Westside Bar in the Arena area.

Each running of the seminar is strictly limited to 100 tickets, which are totally free, and will be available from Games Workshop Customer Service staff located at the entrance to the Westside Bar near the Black Library Digital stand and the entrance to Block 12 of the Arena.

Tickets will be available on a one per person, first come, first served basis from the very minute that the NEC doors open. As the title suggests, the seminar will focus on future projects on the Forge World schedule, from Imperial Armour books to resin kits, and it will feature a Q&A session in which you can grill Tony and Owen to your heart�?Ts content!

Seminar One will be held from 12:00 until 12:45 and Seminar Two will run from 1:00 until 1:45.