[Archive] Anyone interested in 40 Pirazzo's Lost Legion (mint)?

Time of Madness:

Hi Folks,

I currently have 40 metal Pirazzo’s lost legion still in blister. I have 20 blisters with 2 figures in each one. Also the blisters have 4 weapons (2 pikes/2 x-bows).

GW retail price for these is over $225.00 USA.

I was going to throw them up on ebay, but thought I’d offer them here first.

I’m looking for the following

- Cash via paypal

- OOP metal wood elf drayds

- OOP metal treeman

- 1 current metal treekin

Shoot me a PM if interested. I have the same user name on bartertown and ebay with tons of positive feedback.

Time of Madness

EDIT Forogt to mention I can take a quick pic if anyone is interested.


I know a guy in Illinois who would be very interested.

He could have some of that WE stuff you were looking for. He should have an old WE army among other things.

So I’m calling dibs on his behalf. :wink:

Time of Madness:

Last call on these before they hit ebay tomorrow night.

Time of Madness


Dont forget to put the link up here, i’m quit interested what they are worth (As I myself might want to sell some stuff at ebay).

good luck (:


PM Sent!

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