[Archive] Anyone upset with Warhammer Forge time line

Time of Madness:

Maybe it is because GW has been putting out release after release (O&G’s, Storm of Magic, Tomb Kings, Ogres), but I’m starting to hear some negative energy/comments towards the pace that Forge World is releasing Chaos Dwarfs.

Since about mid May Forge World has released 4 war machines and 1 unit of troops (with 2 weapon options) for the Chaos Dwarf line. I tend to think that is a pretty good pace for only three and a half months.

It would be nice to get some basic warriors/unit of infantry, but as of right now I’m happy with the release pace.

I think once the book is released in Oct we will see an increase in the amount of Chaos Dwarf items being released.

Do people agree or disagree?

Time of Madness


Couldn’t care less!

I’ve adopted the policy that I don’t expect anything to happen vis a vis CDs from GW. No disappointment or frustration that way…

Thommy H:

No, I haven’t seen anyone say anything like that. It might be worth waiting until a debate actually exists before offering a counterpoint to it.


There will always be someone unhappy that something is too slow or shouldv’e been done already. I’m with snowblizz, don’t expect it just let it come when it comes.


Some proper core units would be nice, but anything is better than nothing

Ghrask Dragh:

Haven’t we already seen 2 special characters too? when are thse being released? I’m a little new to the whole thing so not sure how the timing has worked out and how long we’ve had to wait. Always remember having to wait a while for forgeworld stuff anyway :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

Yeah, Forgeworld don’t have anything like the resources that GW proper do. It’s a very small, boutique operation producing models for collectors.


After seeing the photos from the draft copy of the FW CD list, I am quite happy that they will be re-writing the army book. If you want to sell models, you need some good rules. Take your time Forgeworld, get it right.


It’s really a win win IMHO. reason? They are actually doing some CDs rather then nothing.


Yep. I don’t think the grumbling is really directed at FW, it’s just that people are impatient (and when I say “people” I mean “me”) :slight_smile: