[Archive] Anyone want old Swivelguns and/or crew? UPDATE: There are 5 teams in total


I was digging around in the LGS stash of stuff they are selling for some dude. And saw a box of loose Swivel guns and crew. At least 2 Swivel guns. More crew than for two machines I’d say. But I didn’t check too closely what it was.

I didn’t buy them because I don’t want them, but if anyone wants it I can most likely get a good deal.

I’m not looking to make any commission or anything, I’m looking for postage and whatever I will have to give for the models. This is strictly a “wow old CDs, maybe someone on CDO wants them” type of thing.


PM send




Went back to the store and brought a camera. (Click for full picture)

Zanko wants some, but others may be up for grabs. Wife veto, so now all are available.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not know what they want to charge for these. I am not going to be running back and forth checking it up. (It’s friggin cold and I have to bike for 4km) The guy in the store today didn’t know much about this, I need to get hold of the Old Guard to talk prices.

The store is selling them for an old friends of theirs, ex-management or such. But it is private sale and I’ll have to haggle with them.
Sooo… what I suggest is, give me a number you are happy with and I’ll work to get under that. But it gives me at least something to fall back on as a last resort.
I’VE GOT YOUR BACKS ON THIS. I’m not going to make any commission or whatnot. I saw these and thought better CDO gets them than the dump or whatever. I’ll get them as cheap as I can get (and I can give Uncle Scrooge a run when it comes to being cheap), and that’s what you’d pay me + whatever postage is. I’m in Finland so it’ll be more than Royal Mail charges. I’ll look it up.

As of now, I said I’d come back Monday, but I think I’ll hold of until say Thursday. So ya’ll got a few days. I’m hoping on Thursday the store guys have the guys who know me the best and would be most likely to cut me a deal.