[Archive] [AoS] 1250 Points Legion of Azgorh


Hi there, it’s been a while ;p

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Haven’t touched anything WH related since, as of late I’ve been browsing forums and watching a couple of Battlereports on youtube

Thinking about giving the Legion a go at AoS…


Infernal Guard Castellan (120)

- General

- Command Trait : Lord of War

- Darkforged Great Weapon

- Artefact : Chaos Runeblade

Daemonsmith (100)

- Darkforged Weapon

Drazhoath The Ashen (320)


20 x Infernal Guard Ironsworn (200)

10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)

10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)


War Machines

Magma Cannon (140)

Magma Cannon (140)


Magma Cannon (140)

3 x K’Daai Fireborn (160)


Iron Daemon War Engine (180)

Balewind Vortex (100) or 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)

Total: 1220|1240|1220

Any thoughts?

Is the Iron Daemon or the K’Daai worth getting?

Cheers :cheers


Have you considered some cheap Hobgoblin fodder? I understand Ungor make for good Hob equivalents in AoS.


Cant help with the list, but give it a go! AoS has grown a lot on me fluff wise, and there is a new campaign/age just about the hit! :slight_smile:


Hi, haven’t given “Hobgoblins” much thought.

Have you had any success with them?

Bronze Bull:

I haven’t played AoS 2.0 yet, but I’ve always loved the Iron Daemon. It’s effective even in AoS.