[Archive] AoS: Battle Of Mount Grey Hag


Hello, I will cut any babbling nonsense I could say and just move into it. I play with an undead player, he more plays classic vampire counts than any of the AoS undead faction such as Flesh eater courts, soulblight etc etc. He had some flesh eater courts units. I had some chaos dwarf units.

There is a historic battle between the strigoi and Zhargon. We thought we should re-create it.

This is a siege battle between The Chaos Dwarf and The Flesh Eater Courts.

Rules needed:

Thommy H�?Ts Mighty Fortess AoS

A chaos dwarf rulebook (LoA, Dawi Zharr by Thommy H or Chaos Dwarfs by Thommy H.)

Some form of flesh eater courts rulebook. Or the warscrolls for the specific units.

My version of Zhargon and Vorag found below.

AoS core rules


- I will try to write it to be compatible with LoA and Thommy H�?Ts rulebook(s). However I also needed to add Zhargon and Vorag.

- I couldn�?Tt find any official source stating it was Vorag during the battle. Correct me if I am wrong but Thommy H�?Ta book seemingly is the only source stating this. Officially Vorag Bloodytooth, first of the ghoul kings died to goblins in the rough area of Zhargons loss to a Strigoi. Thommy H�?Ts is more interesting. I will use his version for this battle as it adds more fun.


Chaos dwarf perspective;

It has been many years since the last sighting of Zhargon The Great. Many think him dead and stone at this point. Never the less the chaos dwarfs have survived without their fearless leader. However there is a thorn in their operations, a feral undead thorn. The Strigoi ghoul king Vorag Bloodytooth of Cripplepeak has set up a stronghold in the southern darklands. He has raided chaos dwarf caravans and patrols. His defiance of Dawi�?TZharr superiority must be punished. Out of leadership and low on men the overlords and sorcerers have no way of dealing with this insubordinate. They in a plead of anger and impatience check to see if their High Priest Zhargon lives. Upon entering the temple Zhargon Burt�?Ts out in full golden enchanted armour looking as if the curse of the Father Of Darkness hasn�?Tt even taken hold of him yet. He gathers a legion with enough force to make The Mountain of Azgorh tremble. He has an altar held aloft by dozens of slaves constructed. He orders his army to march with him at the helm. As they make the trek through the vast darklands they are clouded in the smoke and ash from azgorh. Zhargon thinks it is a sign of Hashut favour…

Ghoul Hordes Persepctive;

Vorag Bloodytooth is a descendant of Nagash�?Ts armies. After the fall of his master he used his feral strength to attract ghouls to his aid. He used a power vampire before him didn�?Tt see, being an alpha to lesser monster. He rallied ghouls and beast from all over and defined what it meant to be Strigoi. During his success in the south he established his fortress at Mount Grey Hag after taking it from goblins. He raided whatever was near him, he has killed night goblins, chaos dwarfs, ogres, humans and many more. His power grows the more victories he wins. He now sits upon his stronghold watching as a cloud of ash and smoke moves across the black plains. He senses a battle is coming and is ready to fight to the death…

Army Composition Rules:

Chaos Dwarfs

General must be Zhargon The Great.