[Archive] AoS Chaos Dwarf sighted & Call to Wargame Introductions


Ladies and gentlemen, check out Warcry and a glimpse of the first Chaos Dwarf model in Age of Sigmar! Mayhap renegade Chaos Duardin rather than Dawi Zharr, but it still means we get our first treatment in plastic by Games Workshop since Dreadfleet’s Black Kraken!


Furthermore, the due date for Community Awards 2018 has been changed to 5th of April (note to self: don’t run in parallell with contest).

Also, tjub has written a good introduction to 15mm wargaming in Kings of War, to ease Chaos Dwarf expansionism into this scale for new players.

We would very much like to see similar wargame introduction posts for evil Dwarves in various 28mm wargames (AoS, T9A, Dragon Rampant, Blood Bowl etc.). These will become stuck threads and help people find their way to new games with greater ease now that we have a split scene. So:

[align=center]50 slaves to whoever writes up an introduction for any wargame, and how to play evil Dwarfs in it![/align]

With some pictures. Check out Tjub’s post for a good way of how to structure it.

You’re free to send Admiral a draft first if you like: He’ll gladly help out with writing advice and corrections.

The Staff
Also on CDO: Golden Hat XXXII (Deadline 23rd of March)
Community Awards 2018 (Deadline 5th of April)


I really like the look of that miniature and hopefully it is actually a chaos dwarf (or something similar) :cheers.

The rest of the clip is also very promising, looks like it could be to my taste altogether. At least I should find some models to fill the gaps in my T9A armies.


Also, Thommy H has released a new homebrew Chaos Supplement for Dawi Zharr in Age of Sigmar. Looks splendid as usual with his handiwork. Check it out! :cheers


Chaos Duardin individual model confirmed.