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Ghrask Dragh:

Hi everybody!

So I thought I’d throw this one out there to get a git of conversation going and hopefully some help along the way

Never played AoS and have a test game up at my local hobby shop - with my 9yr old son and a friend of mine from Blood Bowl with his son - we are looking to get into the hobby (back in for me) and bring ours boys along with us :slight_smile:

Needless to say there is one thing and one thing only on our mind… Fun! Not into tournements right now, not even out to win, we are after fun and cinematic moments we can laugh about and share with friends and with you guys online - which is why play Blood Bowl! So I’m liking Serephon (cause my 3yr old loves dinosaurs mainly :D) and Skaven as they have good collectable bundles to build an army quick which we may play but of course as I’ve been posting on here a little more and painting some Chaos Dwarfs again (pics on the way) I’m looking to bring a small force of Dawi Zhar to life too

So I’m asking what’s the most interesting way to build a small CD force?

I know we love our artillery but is around 1000pts enough to get some good stuff in or am I better off getting monsters like Bull Centaurs?

Can I fit a Taurus in there? (please give me an excuse to buy Drazhoath!)

I’m open to all and any answers, not looking for a heated debate just a fun list for me to build and paint

Forgive my lack of knowledge around all things AoS, I’ve been away :wink:



You’ll need at least two battle line units in the form of fireglaves or infernal guard which come in minimum unit sizes of 10. At 100 points each these will be the backbone of your force and can often be complimented with a castellan buffing them with his martial contempt command ability or a Chaos sorcerer Lords daemon power to allow them to reroll hits, wounds and armour saves of one.

Ideally fireglaves should be in unit sizes of 20 to help them maintain bring down the beast special rule, which can be brutal against monster heavy lists especially when complemented with Lord of war which gives plus one to hit and daemonic power.

I personally love the bull centaur models however they are relatively weak and often become overwhelmed whilst facing other elite troops. However the Tauruk is a true power house and helps to give the renders the heavy duty support they need.

Id leave drazhoath and the great Taurus at home because at 1000 points they will be isolated from the rest of your forced. You’ll just have to base your list around your present models. All rules/points are available on forge worlds web site.

Hope this helps


Ross’ advice is all great.

A sample list might be:

Castellan (general)

Daemonsmith (stays near war machines)

Taur’ruk (give him a super weapon)

20 Fireglaives

10 Ironsworn

2 Magma cannons

This will give you a bit of everything. You’ll need to allocate a super weapon and a command trait too.


My typical 1000 pts. force which I use for games works out as:

Castellan (General)

Daemonsmith (x2)

20 Fireglaives

20 Ironsworn

10 Ironsworn

1 Deathshrieker Rocket with three crew

Alternatively, I will trim my big Ironsworn regiment down to just ten, and downgrade that Castellan to a third Daemonsmith (Dwarfs with magic, gotta love it), so I can field three Bullgors, which I use as a linebreaker or ‘Shock Infantry’ regiment (nothing like having three Minotaurs busting through somebody’s lines where they really don’t want it), and I never downgrade my Fireglaives, as at that point level, I need as much lead as I can afford being tossed downrange for the Shooting Phase to be effective. For me, its all about having enough boots on the ground to carry the day.

Ghrask Dragh:

Interesting with the Bullgors,  thanks for your help guys. I came up with the list below before I re-read the previous posts and thy kind answer the question I was going to ask about fireglaves. This is the post from another forum before I read this again…

1000points lists


Taur’ruk - Cunning Deceiver, Chaos Talisman


Slambo -Ally


3 Bull Centaur Renders

10 Fireglaves

10 Fireglaves


Magma Cannon 

Magma Cannon

Not having played Chaos Dwarfs in AoS before I’m not sure being the only blocks of warriors I have how the Fireglaves are going to fair, don’t want them getting I to combat but it’s only the BCs I’ve got running about to distract.  How’d people normally get on with this?

… After reading this am I better offering for ironsworn for my basic units? Haven’t quite got enough points for one unit of 20 fireglaves and 1 10man ironsworn (only 80pts not 100 leftover hence Slambo to help out he fireglaves when people are getting too close)

Uther the unhinged:

Have fun Grask.

I love AoS. Good choice with the rats. My 8 yo daughter loves her big bad mice and the pestillens pack is good value. If you go down the rats route have a look at Mantic Vermeen (40k rats as good skyre proxies, can�?Tt speak for the quality as just admired from afar). Seraphon are a good choice too ( my 10yo plays them). If you like converting there are loads of good and cheap triceratops models/figures out there for stegadons, velocoraptors for troglodons, tyrannosaurs for carnosaurs and ankylosaurs for basilodons ( the quality of some of these toys is great). I also have some cheap teradons converted fron 40k tyrannid flying things ( the cheap ones that come in packs of ten).

Can not help with tactics as I am rubbish. Buuuuut depending what you have and if you don�?Tt mind going out in a blaze of glory, charge the guns valley of death style… Then it is worth remembering that Shaator makes bull centaurs battle line if he is general. May give you an excuse to get him. Tactically awful but could be fun. How many dragon ogre proxies did you have?

Have fun whatever.


(Sorry)  I immediately read the title as AoS Desperately Needs Help.  I’m biased I know.


(Sorry)  I immediately read the title as AoS Desperately Needs Help.  I'm biased I know.

Imagine if AoS players went into nearly every thread for other systems to hint that they don't like it. Wouldn't that be hilarious! :-D


(Sorry)  I immediately read the title as AoS Desperately Needs Help.  I'm biased I know.

Imagine if AoS players went into nearly every thread for other systems to hint that they don't like it. Wouldn't that be hilarious! :-D

LoL. And to be scrupulously honest I actually don't know if I like or dis-like AoS. Have to play it to do that.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ghrask Dragh, how did you get on stepping into Age of Sigmar after all? Did you stick with Chaos Dwarfs or start up with Seraphon or Skaven in the end? And if you stuck with Legion of Azgorh Chaos Dwarfs, how are you finding the current warscrolls?