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I need some AoS help but first maybe some background so you understand more the purpose of my request. I�?Tm a seaman and therefore seldom at home. Over the past couple of years I have become a collector rather than a player. I own a huge amount of Chaos Dwarfs and one day I will finish my 8th edition army. But being a seaman this will take a few more years. I live in the Philippines and the only other option apart from 8th edition is playing AoS. Soon I�?Tll have a 2.5 month vacation and some time on my hand and I would like to get a 1500pts AoS army on the table.

Now here is my problem: I have never played AoS but would need to plan ahead and bring anything with me that I may be missing. As mentioned I have a huge amount of CD�?Ts from all ages but what I�?Tm planning to use purely Forgeworld. Can anyone with experience in AoS help me with your ultimate 1500pts army list for AoS? The only thing I don�?Tt have is a Skullcracker but everything else is existing. Thanks a lot and I hope I didn�?Tt waste anyone�?Ts time with my story.

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I cant help you with AoS but I heard good things.

but if you like 8th edition there is now a semi official rules set that is used internationally called 9th age (Downloads - The 9th Age) its from the people that organised all the international tournaments and the rule set is much like 8th ed (but the slightly change it quite often) point costs are doubled and the profile has changed but its ore like 8th than AoS.


Maybe not the best, but its the one that placed best around here last big tournament.

Allegiance: Legion of Azgorh

Mortal Realm: Ulgu


Bull Centaur Taur’ruk (160)

- General

- Trait: Grotesque

- Artefact: Miasmatic Blade

Bull Centaur Taur’ruk (160)

- Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak

Daemonsmith (100)

- Darkforged Weapon


20 x Infernal Guard Ironsworn (180)

10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)

10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100)


6 x K’Daai Fireborn (280)


Skullcracker War Engine (200)

Iron Daemon War Engine (180)

War Machines

Magma Cannon (140)

Magma Cannon (140)

Magma Cannon (140)


Hashut’s Wrath Artillery Train (120)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Allies: 0 / 400

Wounds: 117

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

for 1.5k i roll with:

Taur’ruk general with Grotesque and Armour of Baz the Cruel


Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Chaos Steed

x10 Fireglaives with icon and drummer

x10 Fireglaives with icon and drummer

x10 Fireglaives with icon and drummer

Magma Cannon

Magma Cannon

x12 K’daai Fireborn

Soulsnare Shackles

Basic plan is Taur’ruk, Chaos Sorcerer and 12 K’daai roll up a flank or cap objectives. Cast Daemonic power on the K’daai, reroll 1’s to save is for the Taur’ruk.

Fireglaives, daemonsmith and magma cannons keep advancing util they are in range. Very deadly base but low range so you will probably move forward the first turn or two. They have a massive mortal wound output and again can cap objectives. Ash storm has a huge range and -1 to hit is a massive boost when combined with the Taur’ruk’s further -1 to hit. Thow down shackels when you know the enemy will advance on the artillery and fireglaives.


I’m one who cannot help at all either as I / we don’t do AoS here but good luck.