[Archive] AoW Dire Wolf


Anyone seen the WIP of the new AoW Dire Wolf??

Looks like I fine mount for the more courageous Hob-gobbos

Arena Deathmatch

While I’m at it, Felix was asking for ideas for other arena beasts, one of the suggestions was a Bull, or even a Bull Centaur…

If we make it known that a bull would be nice (preferably with wings and a Chaos Dwarf on top), he might just give it a go…

link - Arena Deathmatch


links arent working for me!!! and i got so excited too lol



Arena Deathmatch

Arena Deathmatch

Not sure why it wasn’t working in Narflung’s post.


the AoW sculpting is always 10 out of 10 in my opinion. Id also very likely consider the arena deathmatch book when its released, looks to be really good, full of amazing artwork, and has painting guides by mike mcvey, hat more can you want!

This wolf looks really cool, although i expect it will be too expensive to mount a unit of hobbos on. maybe just for the champion or hero.


Not as good as the other models, but still awesome


It looks kind of cartoony.

Kera foehunter:

i like it a hobo will look good on it!!! *kera look and see she wearing a red hoodie…OOOOOOO noooooand runs home