[Archive] April snow!


Its snowing in the UK in april what is going on how far reaching is this im down in kent and its just regular snow what it like in other parts of the country.


In the Netherlands it was snowing during easter, so we had a white easter instead of a white x-mas :stuck_out_tongue:

Pyro Stick:

Its snowing up in north west Scotland right now.


Not snowing here today in fact just off to the Zoo for the day with the Kids :hat


Snowed in west midlands overnight.

It snowed in april a couple of years ago as well, I blame global warming.


Here (Western NY) we get snow sometimes in early May! :S

turquois dwarf:

on the weather it showed a masive blob of snow over where i live but we barely got any


its now snowing quite heavily but the grounds wet so its not sticking :frowning:


in newfoundland we have “spring” for a weekend in June…

there are only three seasons here: Winter, Not Winter, and Construction…

I spent about three hours digging a tunnel to my oil tank this morning… hooray for a day off…

Hashut’s Blessing:

It snowed overnight here in Chester and apparently during the day today, back home in Essex.

Kera foehunter:

well i sent that to you 51la5.

here we have flowers coming up and leaves starting to comeout.

sitting with the window open  and 70 is the temperture aullllll !


Well, near dinner time here in yorkshire is was really bad, big clumps of snow were coming down!


just drove from north wales to newcastle and i can tell you its certainly snowing all over now . . . shame my toolbox didnt come equipped with a plow i nearly couldnt get it down the garden!

edit: if you are planning to travel on the roads tomorrow but dont actually need to i wouldnt. the gritters werent out when i was coming home, and that was 1am, so i can imagine the state of it tomorrow daytime. Especially A1 between newcastle and scotch corner, was down to single file because snow is lying on the roads.

Princess Peachie:

Oh my gosh you got it too??

Up here in the highlands of Scotland, we’ve had lots of the pretty white stuff too. It also snowed on Easter day when I was down in Chelmsford, it was rather bizaare!

But- it’s so beautiful! Yet… it’s like… nearly a month 'til the summer’s supposed to start, right? T.T;; Weeeeeeird.

It didn’t settle here for long however, but my friend’s little sister still managed to make a cute snowman. X3

Hashut’s Blessing:

It snowed on Easter near the Cotswolds…