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would like to hear your comment!


Love this guy Warh, particularly like the slightly glowy effect from his faceplate. the only thing is that I feel his weapon/special daemon engineer’s tool needs some Arcane into it… glowing runes would be standard, but I would like to see you have a try at some kind of imp in a tube thing as a power source, almost like the necron’s from 40k have that wierd green light tube thing… Not sure if it could be modelled at that scale, but there we go. I look forward to more of your stuff soon. :cheers


Thanks RoguePanda:)

Your idea sounds very cool but might be quit hard to make,

but I might try to make some glowing effect from the inside of the weapon.


Nice sculpting and the painting is nice also. I’dd pick another colour for the weapon/tool’s haft though as now it blends right in with the beard, same goes for the gloves. The colour of the beard and earlier mentioned things are just to similar. The gold helmet pops out nice and is a good focus point!

I agree with RoguePanda that this guys deserves a weapon more special, expecially with the great sculpting involved! :cheers


Sounds good to me Warh - I will wait with baited breath for the final results :slight_smile: Just a thought for the power source idea I was considering using - fuse a spare head from something like a Daemonette or Dryad into the weapon as a kind of “Daemon wanting to escape?” Anyway, love your stuff as always - is this guy specifically designed to lead a unit or is he a floating hero (literally “have evil arcane artifacts of especial nastiness, will travel…”)


I think he needs some backpak or anything as the prospector

miners back as into there is the bounded daemon, conected

to the weapon,but also is so cool.


thanks! I might try some freehand to

EDIT: I send this CD to the whatsnewtoday blog at GWs website, if i’m lucky they might post him there


Excellent & outstanding as always (I really love your work), but i think that this model looks more like an immortal with a wrench rather than an engineer… Maybe you should put a little more details to him (as he is an hero)???