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News from the front! At least I started to work on some prototypes for my Steampunk Chaos Dwarf army, which will use the Empire Armylist, as I’ve discussed on my other thread in the Ideas section of the forum…

Well, enough talking and let’s go for the pictures (which Byt the way are very crappy, my camera does not have a Macro function):

Chaos Dwarf Hero:

This was the first of many Chaos Dwarfs that I will be doing with my intended Steampunk look & feel. I’ve used some bits from the 40k Chaos range and Orks, along with some WHFB Chaos Warriors bitz. The right arm was from the Chaos Warrior Champion, wielding a huge axe. The left hand came from the 40k Chaos SM Terminator range, a Powerfist with a chainsaw. The front part of the body (which will represent Meteoric Armor) came from a Chaos SM Terminator also. The backpack have a machinery bit from the old Ork Mega Armor, the fur cloak and beard was made from GS, the cloack buttons with those medals in the Dwarfs sprues, the mask was from the same sprue…

Next was a small unit of 4 Ironguts, with some CD style beards. The champion was armed with a Ork mega-armor power claw, with a Ork Dreadnought engine for the backpack:

Then came the Steam Tank, in a very early stage… The main hull came from a militaria 1:35 KV-2 russian tank turred, turned upside down, and the tiny track are from the old plastic ork bike sprue. I will be adding a cannon in the front, converted from an empire great cannon…

Well, stay tuned for the next updates, and as always, comments, ideas, critics and suggstions are more than welcome!!!

Cheers,   :cheers



Yes! Yes. Your first CD looks quite a bit like a Squat, actually. Which is cool. I like the power fist ogre too, but I’m particularly looking forward to the steam tank! Using the tank kit as a base was a very sound idea.


This stuff is excellent! A very fresh take on Chaos Dwarfs! I look forward to more!

Excellent start with the tank, it’s looking great!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow, this is really cool. Hope you won’t run out of 40k bitz anytime soon! ^^

Kera foehunter:

Kick ass!! love the ogres!!the tank is so cool

Ghrask Dragh:

:hat off I like the ogres and your hero is very innovative, I’m impressed!!

I’m really looking forward to your steamtank, great start, I love steampunk :slight_smile:



The steam tank is cool! Great idea with the KV turret, it is one of my favorite russian tanks, it looks so steam punk :smiley:

You could also use it as an unit filler for blunderbusses… :slight_smile:


it looks pretty sick


Those models are awesome :hat off - love the steampunk approch to CDs. So glad to see some one have a go on this.

Looking forward to see much more.


I’m so happy to see somebody do a steampunk theme. Looks excellent so far, can’t wait to see more!


Wow! I’m very happy that you all liked them as much as I did! I was afraid to “overdosing” the steampunk theme and coming with a 40k Squat army instead of a Fantasy one… :stuck_out_tongue:

More pictures to follow soon! I just finished converting the turban wearing hobbos, made another hero from the BFSP Thain model, the fire sorcerer from the more obvious choice of the guy holding the cannonball and a prototype for the chainsaw toting CD, representing a great weapon, using as a base the BFSP miners, who have 2 handed gripping pikes… Also, I almost finished a smaller version of the Steam Tank to represent the Helstorm mutibarreled gun…

Stay tuned! :cheers

Cheers and please keep the coments, critics and suggestions coming! :hat off



I relly like the Steam Tank, looks like a small stunty fantasy version of the colossus…

Btw, is it a KV-2 turret turned up side down? :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy **** man :D! that is so awsome! as your making this cyborg dwarf like army you should make some cool golems based on ork nobs in heavy armor :smiley: planning to do that to myself but damm keep it going im gonna follow this thread for sure!


Very imaginative take on Chaos Dwarfs, I like it very much! THe only (albeit minor) critisism is that maybe you should trim the axe arm on the hero. Seems a tad long to me.


Great work Arcuballis the ogres look great and the steam tank looks awesome, i agree with AGPO about the axe arm it does look a little bit long but other than that some really great models :slight_smile:


I so like ur models so far they are really inspiring me to make a steamtank myself and also alrdy had plans to give my leader a power fist and u just made a very cool inspiring one :smiley: !