[Archive] Are Boston Terriers popular outside the USA?


I have a Boston Terrier, they are similar in appearance to French Bulldogs.

(see pictures of adorableness)

I see a lot of different flags from around the world in these posts.

My knowledge is limited, Boston Terriers are recognized by the American Kennel Club - is there a formal agency in your country?

Boston Terriers were little pit-fighting dogs in the East Coast that are now bred for companionship, have they made their return to Europe?  Have they made their way to other continents?

If you have seen a Boston Terrier in your country, are they called Boston Terriers, or what name do they go by?

This is my Boston, his name is Hugo - He is a bit older now, these were from puppy days.


All, all the daw!

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I have a boston (in fact my last two dogs have been Bostons)

So i like them alot. I dunno if they were ever fighting dogs per-se but rather direct decendants of one time to baiting dogs (like an english bull) then bred with rodent hunting terriers.

The primary ancestor is the French bull dog (where the boston gets his size and similar facial features from.

But all and all the splendid breed. good looking, and great temperment around children. :hat off

I too am wondering if these breed is popular outside the US, only being 120 years old roughly…


That one looks too comfortable to be a pit fighter.


Have never seen them before. A neighbour of ours has/breeds french bulldogs. My wife says since you don’t want it anymore that she will have it! (This is the market place isn’t it? )


Terriers tend to be high strung given what they were bred for (Jack Russells) possibly being the worse. How is yours OP? Is he calm or a spaz?

It should be noted that breed is just one marker in their personality not the be all end all. I have my second golden retriever now and she is very different from my first.


Terriers tend to be high strung given what they were bred for (Jack Russells) possibly being the worse. How is yours OP? Is he calm or a spaz?

According to Wikipedia it's more terrier in name than anything else. Neighbours down the street have Jack Russel, met the lady and the dog the other day and the dog literally ran into their mailbox in it's eagerness to run home/around/wherever.

Again according to Wikipedia it seems Boston terriers, we call 'em that too, are somewhat uncommon, around 30-80 registered per year. But that's on a population of 9 and 5 million people respectively. Compare that with the German shepherd one of the more popular breeds at 2000 registered individuals a year.


My experience with Boston Terriers is that they are pretty low-key, and unless you instigate physical activity they can be prone to corpulence.

That said, my boy Hugo loves to run, chase, fetch and brawl with my beagle. I wouldn’t call him high strung. He is content to chill in the car when we step out to go to the store, and if we leave him outside of a room on accident with the door shut - he will just sit there.


I’ve never seen one here in Peru. My wife is a veterinarian so I asked her but she hasn’t seen any either.


That seems to be a definitive answer of “no.” Thanks, Marduk - I would imagine a vet would be a great basis for knowledge.


Not really popular but existing.


But I am not really into dogs, this