[Archive] Are you a CDO forum lurker?


I read most of the threads that come up on here, but I very rarely post anything.

I think in my case it’s because I don’t have that much of use to say. My Chaos Dwarves have yet to take to the field, and while I am slowly building the force up (latest: 25 Hobbos), I don’t have a camera to post pics.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I used to be an active member and tried my best to post on the mojority of the threads, but now as others have said there no new or exciting topics that used to bring me hear every day. Although I did vote no ( I thought the question was ‘have you alwyas been a lurker?’)

I think it is because I don’t play Warhammer that much anymore.

Funny that, since i’ve been going down my local club and playing more games (and even becoming the fanatasy superviser) i’ve started to lurk ,ore


I don’t post that much, but I read a lot (all the topics are new and xciting for me as I am new :slight_smile: ) so I guess I am a lurker too.

This is probably because I don’t play warhammer much. Not that I don’t want to, but I don’t have the money right now, and I need to buy more stuff than expected to begin converting chaos dwarfs (my brother used to have a green stuff pack but he lost it and I counted on that ; and now I have a hard time finding green stuff or something equivalent, as I don’t know if what I find will do ok on the figs and not have funky side effects). So I can’t convert or do anything, and I can’t play, and that seriously limits what I can do :slight_smile: