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Will you guys play this? For those not in the know, Felix (the guy who sculpts the awesome hero models) is developing a gladatorial game to accompany them. This will include rules for recruiting your band, their profiles, the profiles of the beasts and foe they must fight, plus much more, including a dedicated painting guide from Mike McVey on each model. Personally I’d buy the book just for that.

No before you ask Felix hasn’t hired me to plug this


Honestly not sure. I’m a big fan of arena type missions (anyone who played Darksun on PC will know), but as a single system? I’d definately have to see the rules first. The minis are top notch though


Anything McVey is involved with is worth the buy! Well, if it’s about painting that is!


My thoughts exactly. He’s doing a painting master class for every avatars of war mini! I mean, those models are cool to start with, but painted like he can…


sounds like it could be fun, and apinting mastercalass, thats’ll be great


if the design and artwork of the book is up to scratch with the website then id probably buy it, mainly for the painting guides and it looking cool. as a skirmish game it doesnt really appeal to me though, i get the idea behind it but its a pretty basic one for miniatures gaming.


As far as I can see the game appears to be a cross between Mordheim and Bloodbowl

Hashut’s Blessing:

Is there a link to this, at all? I always thought AoD was something you did online…

Kera foehunter:

sure i like too

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Are you god*m serious. On a dutch forum at the moment, I’m participating to an AoD. Thought it was something unique from that forum, but seems it wasn’t.

Comes down that everyone that joins the game (8 there this time) comes up with a character that fights in a challange, with a maximum of an amount of points (250 there). Who wins, goes on to the next round. Usually, too good magic items or runes are removed, such as D6 wounds or anti-character magic items.


How do you do that with dice rolling? Webcam, Gamemaster who rolls?

Do you have a ruleset? I’d like to play and am sure other members here would like to try some action with their Chaos Dwarf characters too! :slight_smile:


usualy a GM does the rolling, but you get the options

it would be easy to make it a paper game, just get a group together, set the guidelines and get rolling. Probably easier too