[Archive] Arming Hobbos


As I finish modeling up my Hobgoblins, I realized that I just don’t have shields for them that are crappy enough. I’m using Plague Monk bodies and really don’t want to shave the Night Goblin shields off the Night Goblins in order to equip them on my guys. What are other folks using for their Hobgoblins?

It’s pretty sad when everything in my bits bucket is “much to good” for a hobgoblin to have…


you can make shields from plastic card or you can get some of GWs shield packshttp://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/armySubUnitCats.jsp?catId=cat1200017&rootCatGameStyle=

i think that the goblin,orc or skaven shields would look nice


Can you get shields from a clan rats sprue, they would fit well, but maybe greenstuff over or scape off the skaven markings.

For my hobgoblins i just use whatever i can get my hands on as i like to think that they would scounge the battlefield for the best weapons after a battle, so mine range from dwarf, goblin, lizardman and empire shields to whatever i come across


What about standard Boyz-shields: Hobgoblins are greenskins after all, and wouldn’t go for anything elegant, but would make something sturdy (or otherwise they’d just steal it). Just my 2 cents.

Or common goblin shields? You can get them seperate, and they look flimsy enough

The Stormchild:

I recommend using normal goblin shields. Preferably the ones from the goblin wolf riders box. I think you can order them on their own from the bitz collection.


Someone told me that you could buy shield-sprues at one time and I totally forgot! I pick up some Night Goblin shields and some Skaven shields to see which one looks like they are of the poorest quality. Yup, life is rough as a Hobgoblin…

Thanks for your help guys!!

Da Crusha:

I use the skeleton shields, those are really beat up. or marauder shields. you can buy them from hoard_o_bits on ebay


You can also buy them direct from GW under the fatasy bits section, Which reminds me I have some I ordered a week ago they should be due to be pick up…