[Archive] arms for ur CD?


This question arose yesterday as i was ‘‘modifying’’ my first willing test sub- i mean stunties from BFSP…

what kind of arms do you guys use?

Do you leave them as they are or use something else?

i was thinking of doing what Xander did and use marauder arms but then i was thinking that they would look too barbaric.

has anyone faced such a dilema?

did you solved it?


Marauder arms FTW I’d say. Though Ungor arms could fit, the hands are not so good though. They don’t clip their nails too often see…

Don’t really think muscled arms looks barbaric. HWIW many Dwarf illustrations show bare armed Dwarfs with rippling muscle. The plastic Dwarfs are a bit lackluster in this regard really. Dwarfs seem to be very physically active, mining, forging and so on so bulging forearms seems well in character.


I’m sure that Marauder arms work well, although I’ll take a second look before using them for my CDs, just in case they are too long, or their hands are too small. Best of all: Marauder arms have fitting Chaos weapons. The Hellcannon crew have bare arms, and many FW sketches show Chaos Dwarfs with bare arms, armoured gloves and warrior arm rings.

This far I’ve just sculpted on muscles on the BFSP Dwarfs’ arms.


Check out Xander’s BFSP conversion video. He makes use of marauder arms. The trick is to take about half of the forearm section out and then re-attach the wrist closer to the elbow. Sounds lame and like it’ll look silly, but it does work and looks like the right sort of proportion for a dwarf. I’ve used this on numerous Chaos Dwarf conversions, not just BFSP warriors but other converions as well.



If you’d rather just use the arms that come with it, thats cool, heaps on members have done the same with their converted armies, just convert the head and beard with your personal preference and just replace dwarf weapon tops with something be barbaric


Every piece of fantasy literature always has dwarfs as short and very strong. So unless the arms arm extremely out of proportion , then use them with glee. If they are not muscled enough they’d be called gnomes. not dwarfs.


i was thinking of using chaos warriors or chosen hands along with greenstuff to make them similar with the guy on page 196 of tamurkhan.

has anyone tried this?

i would rather avoid the normal ones or marauder hands because imo dwarfs go to war covered in steel from head to toes


That would work. I’ve used CW hands and weapons a lot and they fit IMHO.


I don’t think that the should go about with their muscley arms out, otherwise they look like mark wright or peter andre on i’m a celebrity (aka always trying to show thier arms off by wearing vests!)