[Archive] Army Blogs Get Their Own Section!


The Staff and I did some talking and we decided we needed to seperate the Blogs from the Showcase section. So we gave them their own section. This way it should be easy to find your blog when it comes time to update it, and now the Showcase is left to be only completely painted work. :slight_smile:

I have moved a bunch of threads to the new section already. If you want your Showcase thread moved to the Army Blog section, let me know in this topic by posting a link to it!

Hashut be prasied, :hashut



Good idea, Xander. I was thinking just the other day how the Showcase forum was becoming cluttered and pretty much indistinguishable from the Conversion forum. I think even with the Army blog forum there may be some cleanup necessary, but this is a great move.



Yes. The separation needed to be more clear. In the ShowCase section, we need to get people posting pictures by unit entry, for the ease of logging them. Blogs should be for pictures of collections and WIPs. It’s hard to tell someone to post in different places, multiple times. It seems kind of illogical. I will have to think more about this.

Traitor King:

Well, I say its a good idea.

Its especially usful if you want to check out a particular members blog, you can find it easier now.

Ahhh, how the forum grows…