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I’ve been scouting the internet, and I’ve seen “Unofficial” Chaos Dwarf Army Book PDFs like this:


I’ve also found ones like this:


What do people who play chaos dwarfs use, and which one should I pick up if either of these are correct?


The only official army list for Chaos Dwarfs is in the Forgeworld Tamurkhan book, so if you plan on playing in GW stores or at GW events, you’ll need to get that one. The book in your second link is the old 5th-7th ed book and is now out of date.

That being said, if you’re not playing at a GW store or event, it’s best to ask your fellow players if they mind you using the fan made books or if they want you to stick to the official rules.


This is the official and current book/list for Chaos Dwarfs:


There is also a nice fan made list, but I would recommend using Tamurkhan


Thanks to everyone who replied! Would never have thought to check forgeworld for a book which i realize is a bit silly now haha! This is much help to soon to be chaos dwarf player!