[Archive] Army Builder 3 testers needed UPDATE - FILE RELEASE


A couple of things bsb cannot take shields according to AB but book doesnt restrict same, description and points for mask of the furnace are wrong. Also random items from ravening hordes are still included when you select forgeworld only options for list creation

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You must not have read my last post.

The file Ultraprime uploaded was the incorrect (work in progress) file.

So there are a ton of errors throughout.

I’m hoping the newest version of the file is released next week.Myself and Edsteiner spent a lot of time testing the newest file. There shouldn’t be many errors once it is released.

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Hi, been a lurker of these forums for quite a bit but my first post.

Do we have any updates on this?

I’ve got a league coming up after Xmas I want to use Chaos Dwarfs for but due to various OCD reasons it takes me about 20 hours to make a list not using army builder.


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Should be up by the end of the week. Just waiting for the Dec release by Ultraprime now.

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New file out now! Chaos Dwarfs has been updated.

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