[Archive] Army Builder - Warhammer: Chaos Dwarfs


After many cups of coffee and even more headaches caused by the ABCreator tool, it’s finally ready…

I present to you the updated version of the Army Builder file for Thommy H’s excellent Warhammer: Chaos Dwarfs army book.


Simply copy the file into your /data folder replacing the previous cd.wf8 file.

A few things to note when using this file:

  • This file will only work with Army Builder version 2.2c

  • I have not updated the Special Characters; they’re still showing the rules from the previous version of the book.

  • Engines of Legend upgrades are not supported.

Please report any mistakes you spot, so that I can hopefully update them. Note though that I mainly updated this file for my personal use, so updates may be infrequent or not happen at all, based on if I feel like it or not :hat off


I get the invalid or deleted file error.