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King Rob the IV:

I have been playing for many years now, and have decided to try a new army and why not some lovably warped dwarves :slight_smile:

I have the army book, but no units as of yet, but will be buying the Demonsmith 3 pack…like today, so my question for anyone that wants to help is; what models should I buy and what kind of army list should I make. I will really only be playing friendly games (nothing competitive) against High Elves, Wood Elves, Empire and Lizardmen (very little to no magic for these armies). I�?Tm looking for 1000, 1500, and 2000 point armies. The models don�?Tt have to be the similar in any of the lists as money is not a problem (thank you Christmas :)).

I�?Tm looking to buy from Forge World, but I can make minor conversions with puddy in addition I�?Tm open to buying parts from other sites (if you guys have any suggestions), but I would prefer to stick to FW models if possible.

The units that are the most agreed upon will be bought and hopefully will have something playable in the next month or two.

In addition thank you for any help and Happy New Year!


Grimbold Blackhammer:

Starting a new army is always exciting!  But I’m going to tell you what you don’t want to hear first - people complain about Chaos Dwarfs.  We have really great options and really poor ones with few in the middle.  And people tend to only remember the models that beat them down =(  The other complaint is fairly simple…they’d like to see a Chaos Dwarf army that has actual Chaos Dwarfs in it!  We have one Core choice and one Special choice for Dwarfs.  And while the Core unit is good, the Special choice isn’t.  And they’re both REALLY expensive points-wise so if you want to actually have a decent amount of Dwarfs in your list, you won’t have much else.

On the other hand, Chaos Dwarfs are awesome, fun to play, and fun to play against!  They have options to perform in all phases of the game and they’re a niche army so you’re definitely unique in your gaming area if you collect them =)  Don’t be that guy by bringing the K’daii Destroyer or the Chalice to every game and both you and your opponent will have some awesome games!!! Both choices get about as much love as the High Elves ‘Banner of the World Dragon’ or Nurgle Demon Princes so use them sparingly. There are other more fun options in the book!

One of the hardest tasks for me when starting a new army is the color scheme.  Bases, colors for armor, cloth, etc all need to be worked out.  I usually try a few different ideas on a few different models to see what I like the most (or which one is the easiest to paint!) and I don’t want to practice on the models that stand out so I believe that’s what rank and file models are there for.  Practice on those so when you go to paint your characters or your army center-pieces, you’ll have made the decisions you need to ahead of time.  So your first order of business is going to be…drum roll Infernal Guard.  You’ll want at least 30 plus a set of command models.  You can model half with hand weapons & shields and the other half with Fireglaives.  That way, depending on how you want to field them, you just put that sort of model up front and mix up the back ranks with a mix of the others.

Your second choice is probably going to be what do you want to use for Hobgoblins.  These little guys are ridiculously useful so you’re probably going to want some but since Forgeworld doesn’t and isn’t going to produce them, you need to settle on an alternative.  There are lots of threads here about converting your own or you can wander over to Ebay and find goblin options there.

Start with those two units and work your way up from there.  And don’t be shy; ask us questions!  That’s why we’re all here!!