[Archive] Army of Darkness

the unheard one:

This is a movie that i recommend for everybody, it is absolutely brilliant :cheers

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I know that nice film (3rd part of the evil dead trilogy) - old but quite cool! :cheers

That’s one of the advantages of being an old man … to know most old films! lol :wink:

The film is from 1992 a long time ago - I was young and some of the guys and gals of CDO weren’t born … oh man time flies! :~



Evil dead pfft old pfft old films … Zanko dont make me come over there and slap you about with the soggy end of a ogre’s leg. :wink: Great film it is indeedone that I enjoy quite a bit.


Old! pah!! 92! ack! that’s only 18 years ago… oh wow… 18 years ago… ack! Great flick… did you know they made a broadway musical out of it? check it out!!!


The first few rows get drenched in “blood” from all the slayings!!!

Da Crusha:

oh wow a musical, no thanx.

I remember watching army of darkness at the theater when I was 10.


That's one of the advantages of being an old man ... to know most old films! lol ;)

I never considered myself "old" until I just read your remark ;)
Guess it's about time I got those prosthetic knees, and the artificial ear AND the walking cane AND the wooden kidney.

"Get off my lawn, you young whippersnapper!"


Lol, I loved this movie long time ago… I’m really gettin’ old :s

the unheard one:

oh wow I really want to see the musical but I guess it wont be coming to Ireland any time soon :(. wow was it 18 years ago damn it’s as old as I am.