[Archive] Army of Self Destruction

The Besieger:

I think that we can nominate our Chaos Dwarf army as a army of Self Destruction. :slight_smile:

D’ont get me wrong :slight_smile: we have a very strong and good army.

But we also have special rules to wound our self. :slight_smile:

Seems not many ppl stand still about this.

So…because all the sh… & crying on the internet (even on this forum) vs CD Tamurkhan ,

i will try to place all this wound our self rules in one Thread.

I think we have a nice list of Self Destruction. :slight_smile:

1 Sorcerer’s curse : All our casters need to make a Toughness test

when the do a Miscast.When you fail this you take a wound

2 Naphtha Bomb : The thrower take a singel automatic wound when 1 is rolled to hit.

3 Darkforged Weapon with the Possessed Ability : When a 1 is rolled on to wound dice ,

a further wound is inflicted on the Daemonsmith instead.

4 Hellbound : When the machine with Hellbound roll a misfire it

takes D3 wounds automatically.

5 Burning Bright : All K’daai type need to take a Toughness test

each turn that starts from round 3.If this is failed they suffer D3 wounds.

6 Chalice of Blood and Darkness : If a double 1 is rolled between

the dice then the bearer suffers a wound.

7 Unstable : All K’daai type can take extra wounds when the

lose the combat results.

8 Hellcannon misfire chart :

A ) Free at last : Remove from play :slight_smile: but also can wound your units.

B ) Thzzzz : All Wizards immediately suffer a miscast.

This will hurt our casters extra because the Sorcerer’s curse special rule.

C ) Grrr : Remove D3 crew

Grimbold Blackhammer:

All risks well worth the rewards! But I still think Skaven have us beat in that department by a loooooooooooong mile. I’ve lost a few wounds to toughness tests here and there and once I lost a Hellcannon to a misfire. But I’ve seen Skaven armies completely obliterate themselves too many times.

Grimbold Blackhammer


I thought the burning bright test started on turn 2…was it changed?


It is turn 2 it starts I think when they did the faq last they messed up the wording so people believe it starts on 3.


Don’t forget O&G armies, they LIKE to beat each other up!


It is turn 2 it starts I think when they did the faq last they messed up the wording so people believe it starts on 3.

Is the second after the second?

Forgeworld doesn't know how language works.