[Archive] Army Points and Percentages (Warhammer Fantasy)


Not sure if there’s a more appropriate subforum for this on CDO, but at least here it’ll get read-

Perhaps dumb question time regarding Warhammer and army points allowances.

I was of the understanding that the points allowances for any category in the army was dictated by the total points cost of the army. For example, if I had an exacty 2000pt army I could take a up to 500pts in the Lords category, let’s say; but, if I could only get my army to add up to 1992pts I’d only be able to take 25% of that value (498pts), not 25% of the army I was trying to make.  Is this correct?

In the latest White Dwarf there’s a Storm of Magic section on Sorcerous Pacts with some example army builds, and on p43 the High Elf army total is 2993 points, and the Monsters & Magic sction totals exactly 750 points (not 748, which would be 25%).

Can’t wait for someone to set me straight!


Thommy H:

No, it’s a percentage of the limit, not the actual value of the army. So if you’re playing a 2,000 point game, you can spend 500 points on Rare units even if your army actually ends up being 1,995 points or something.


Thanks for the clarification. Can’t think of any instances for myself when it would have made a difference, but it makes it simpler than I was making it :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Much easier :wink:

If you set a limit, that’s what sets your other limits (in 2k, a min of 500 points of core, even if you only spend 1,000 points total - extreme and strange example, but illustrates the point well).

Another thing to bare in mind is thatat 750 points, the maximum for lords/heroes/rares is actually 188 not 187 or 187.5 because it says to round up (although, I feel like it says rounding in your favour…).


Strictly speaking, it just mentions the army size, not the limit, but using the limit makes far more sense. I noticed this issue when 8th first appeared.


There you go, Thanks for that. I’ve learnt something new for today and can relax.