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Ok I have looked about on here for a minute and I am just confused.

Why is everyone trying to do 3k list? Almost all play here in the states for tourny and even pick ups is 2500. Yah 3k is nice but its not the standard, so playing it wont get you ready for a tourny unless its a special one. I am just confused as to why there are so many 3k list. Seems silly large to me as it allows way too many crazy things to happen.

Vardan Painkiller:

I supposet moste ppl here dont go on tournaments, rather than playing with friends or in clubs, 2.4k standards is due to time restrictions :slight_smile:


2.4/2.5 is a time restriction? I can play one of those in 30mins to hour and half tops. Most events give you 2 hours or longer to play such a small game.


2.4/2.5 is a time restriction?  I can play one of those in 30mins to hour and half tops.  Most events give you 2 hours or longer to play such a small game.

2.5k takes under 2hrs but definitely not 30-60minutes unless both are playing some kind of super small elite armies that get it done by turn 3 or something.

Vardan Painkiller:

2,4 etc is 2 and a half hour, with 90 minutes being very fast, at least in my gaming circles. It does depend on degree of difficulty, if you try to maneuver and have many units for that it cant take little time.


With the right person I can play a game in one hour. Against most other folks I need no more than 2 hours tops.

Example I played 3 games tonight

from 7pm to 12midnight and ended up done by 11:47pm.

5 hours 3 games, played from end to end 6 turns each. No none of the games were rushed.


Blimey. It takes me an hour to play about 1k, so a normal game (2k - 2.4k) is at least two hours. But that does involve making cups of tea, going for a smoke, shouting insults etc.

Groznit Goregut:

I live in the South-East US. Our standard tournaments are 2500 pts. There is almost no exceptions to that. Well, there is one exception for us: The Brawler Bash in Raleigh-Durham, NC. It’s 3000 pts and you can even bring special characters. It’s one event that you can bring the filth and all your toys. In fact, you have to if you want to compete.

Personally, I’m happy to try 3000 pts as it lets me take 2 K’Daai Destroyers! After playing OnG all through 7th and so far in 8th, I will have no shame in smashing someone with cheese at this event. :slight_smile: