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Well, its Christmas time and my wife has decided to get me a figure case to make moving my army about easier. I wondered if anyone had any good experiences with certain brands that they might recommend.

I looked at the proper GW ones and was disappointed to see they dont sell the foam inserts separately which severely limits usability imo.

I also looked at KR who seem very reasonable and customisable but I found their website to be a minefield of bad design and confusing information. Anyone else used these guys? I’d be interested to know which foam trays you bought and which fit our army best.

Any other recommendations or comments would also be appreciated.


Go for FELDHERR. http://www.feldherr.net/uk/

I have one Feldherr Medium and one Feldherr Maxi. They are very good. I am very pleased with it.
Softcase. You can vary the foam inserts. And it should still be enough space for books and dice.

Thanks Herby. Just found my own christmas present!


Thanks for the response Herby, a few questions…

As for the foam trays, do you just cut your own to fit cannons and stuff in? Do they do something similar Pick 'n Pluck trays?

The trays they provide with the maxi, do you fit 2 dwarves per compartment and do the trays lay flat in the bag or do they sit upright?

What configuration of trays did you go for with your original purchase?


Hi Stan aka Skamandude!

I have bought all my cases from KR mulitcase. Cheap and cheerful, fast shipping and great for storage of models as well!

I have a small collection of the cardbord cases, and just grab the ones I need for a game or tournament, and put them in my KR-bag. At the moment I can fit my entire 2400 pt CD army into one (!) cardboard case :slight_smile:

Their webpage has improved a bit, but is not super user friendly. The staff in KR however, are! You might lack some of the custom cuttyness of Battlefoam and the like, but as I said, they are cheap :wink:

Three tumbs up from me!


Awesome, thats great Herby. They definitely sound like the best option so far.

As for KR, while i think they might be the better option if i was buying for myself (cheaper :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’ll probably opt for something a bit more plush and ultimately a website where i know exactly what im getting and that it’ll fit my minis.

Stan appreciates the helpful responses here and in return can guarantee some great prices on used coffins at Melee island.

(Extra internet points for MI2 fans)

Mad Dave:

I’ve got quite abit of KR Foam and i must admit it is really good quality, and its a awesome source of foam for re-placement foam for my GW case’s.

I recently purchased 1 of thier card case’s with some foam for WOC and im really impressed with it. As for the website ive had quite a few problems with it the site is always slow and quite often then non times out which is a real pain in the arse after i spent 15mins sorting what foam i want and then it looses everything so gotta start over. i must agree the site can be confusing it’d be nice if the popped up sizes in mm of the actual foam LxW etc. but i hope this has been fixed now the server move has happened.

The only other issue ive had with them was with a bespoke case i ordered the lock and catch is just cheap and crappy the combination part of it dosent work and 9/10 the lock sticks i sent in a email reporting the issue but never heard back from them so abit dissappoint with customer care.

But that’s my experience with them i now know to stay clear of there bespoke cases etc


I have a black Kr multicase had it for 5 years and never once has it failed or broke a mini, Even has a lock, Why you would want a lock anyones guess.


I was initially tempted to grab the bog standard GW case and then get additionaly trays from somewhere like KR. I wasnt sure which KR trays actually fit the GW standard size.

I kinda like the smart canvas look to the Feldherr ones atm :wink:


I really like these ones! They are good if you like to display your stuff at home and hate loading/unloading minis. A friend of mine got a set of the removable shelves for each of his armies and just swaps the army he wants to use from his cabinet at home into the army case. They have a pretty slick plexiglass face so if you do up your minis all nice you can even use the transport as a display case if you will.



I’ve got 5-6 KR cases of various insides. Very satisfied with the quality, none of my models got damaged while being shipped across the Atlantic, not even the more delicate and large models like the dragon.


I got this. It’s huge. It’s pretty cheap compared to other companies. It has pockets (god I love these). and you can personalize your own trays. Only downside is that the walls of the bag are not reinforced with rigid plastic, but that’s not much of a problem… I mean, we are all careful when moving our minis around aren’t we;)?