[Archive] Arnie might be in T4


Seems the Governator hasn’t finished with films just yet. Strong rumours that he will have a face scan stuck onto a body double, plus do the voice over.

Seems a cool way to get him into the film for little work, I would have predicted that was the only way he’d do anything for it (after initially refusing to have anything to do with it).

I hope the actor they’d use for the body double knew that would happen. I could imagine he’d be really p*ssed if he did the whole film then went to the premiere and saw arnie… :smiley:


Arnie has toughness 4? I thought it’d be higher…



T4 is the movie that I have been waiting for since the first one came out. This is the cool part IMHO.


Christian Bale ftw.

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I had heard originally, that Arnold was only going to be in as CGI… That he was only going to do voice over for the CGI. I guess they have found a way to augment his input into the movie… Honestly, though, I think terminator has moved past Arnold and with the last movie, the tech was so advanced that even he admitted he was obsolete. they should have left well enough alone.


Wot happened to the rumoured last Conan film? Conan the Octogenarian…?

Thought they were gonna do one with him as an old king or sommat.


I wonder how much time it would take him to do the voiceover work for the film. Surely his gubernatorial responsibilities must keep him fairly busy.

Kera foehunter:

omg the termantor( Arnie) he better git back in shape he look like s–t now

Sara Conner could kick his ass now!!


Last I heard Triple H was going to do King Conan, or whatever its called. Looks like its set for a 2010 release, and will be either 18 or R rated.


They’re making a film about when Conan becomes King of Aquilonia? Neat.

zorn sabretooth:


Bit of threadomancy, but here is a CGI shot from his cameo


I still think we’re more likely to see something more like the Borg then sentient machines… though it looks like it should be a good movie.

Anyone see it yet?

Kera foehunter:

cool he lost some weight and look less aged


If they perfected the technology there’s no reason why they couldn’t do this in T5.  Arnie will hopefully be back in films by then and they could just do digital improvements here and there.


They had to have him looking like he did in T1, it would not have made sense for him to be older really. One of those rare hollywood films where you have to look younger in sequels!


The CG-ed image was confirmed a while ago. They used a scan from T1, and a body-double. Arnie also provided a few voice-overs I believe.