[Archive] Arrgh Help POPmaster needed


Ok, heres a test of anyones musical knowledge.

Possibly now two years ago a song was popular on the radio (Here in the UK anyway) and consisted of lyrics which made mention of being in different places in the world in comparison to the person it was supposedly aimed at…

Something along the lines of, “when you were in… we were in…” and the places were changed everytime, london-newyork or something similar

Anyone remember it, if so, what was it and can you name the band. I’ve been wanting to get it but cant remember anything else about it and it’s vanished. Im pretty certain the lead singer was male. It also had a slightly synthisised pop feel to it.

Not much to go on but please anyone. Before my brain explodes.


Heheh, I think you’re asking entirely the wrong people. Most of us here are metalheads, and those that seem to be classic rock…

Good luck with your quest though, I’ve been on a few of those missions myself.


sounds like youre talking about that disgusting “holliday rap” of mc mikey d and dj sven

but that song is much older then two years…but maybe you people in the uk are a little bit late :wink:

the text was "we are going on a summer holliday, mc mikey d and dj sven. we´re going from london to new york city and take a little piece of amsterdam"

is that the song you´re looking for?


Wasn’t that from the 80’s? I may be thinking of another song.


yup,its pretty old, but the only song with city names i know

while writing this i remembered also “new york rio tokyo” or is that the same song?but thats pretty old,too

Thommy H:

This is a bit of a shot in the dark (no pun intended…), because it was never popular on the radio, but could it be Is It Just Me? by glam-rock revival novelty act The Darkness?

It fits the description, has a male vocalist, is from around the right time-frame and is overproduced to hell, which may explain the “synthesised” sound you describe.