[Archive] Artisan #6 Winner


The results are in and the winner of the 6th Artisan’s Contest is Grimstonefire with his daemonic engine/portal.

Grimstonefire’s entry1

Coming in 2nd place was: Bolg

And in 3rd was Zanko

Awesome job everyone, slaves and the Artisan’s medal have been awarded.



congrats Grimstonefire’s! well earned (even if there were only 3 entry’s)


Congratulations Grim!

Kudo’s to all entrants!


My compliments to every entrant for their great work. :hashut

Hashut is proud of you!

Zanko, you are my winner :cheers


Cheers everyone! Finally I have got that elusive artisans gold medal.

This one took a lot of planning I can tell you. Unfortunately although I got it started early on, the deadline ended when I should have been doing some essays, so I had to leave some details off.

I will do some small finishing touches before taking the final pics for word of hashut.

One thing you cannot see on there is that there a ladder in each of the sides.

The basic idea I had to start with was that there would be a daemon ripping through from the back, like the gates were holding something in. I tried to evolve the idea a bit with the battlements, but I’m still not entirely sure whether this is a gate to the outside or not.


Congratulations Grim! :hat off

@ Bolg: Great entry! You got my vote! :cheers

@ Bassman: Thanx a lot! :smiley:

                 Great to get such a compliment from you! :smiley:

                 Cause your creations are so different from mine and you are such a great painter and converter! :hat off




Grim: Can’t wait to see it finished then, it is going to look incredible with some daemon thing pulling itself out! I can totally picture it!

Everyone did such great work! truly! Zanko… is the beast your handler was restraining an Avatar of War piece? It fits in perfectly!


Nice job, Grim.

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  Zanko.. is the beast your handler was restraining an Avatar of War piece?  It fits in perfectly!

Yes the beast is the Avatar of War Netherhound!

I bought the mini some time ago and ... then I saw the Reaper Chaos Dwarf!

And now they make a good team! ;)



Congratulation to all of you. Great work!! :hat off


Well done every one :slight_smile:


Congrats Grim :hat off - very well done, all of you.

Kera foehunter:

Great job Grims !!* Kera gives her old friend a kiss on the cheek *

and whisper in his ear now this year your win a golden deamon!!

kera gives him some magic green stuff and slip it into his pocket