[Archive] Artisan's #9 Winner!



As you can see from the poll, we have a clear winner for the Gold Artisan’s medal (entry 2):  ThommyH

Entry Key:

Entry 1:  The Templedog Riders of Dun Khardrakk (Zanko)

Entry 2:  Ghuz Slavetaker and the crew of the Bull�?Ts Fury (ThommyH)

Entry 3:  Thugman�?Ts Inebriated Brawlers (Nicodemus)

Entry 4:  Chosen of Hashut (BilboBaggins)

Entry 5:  Kazrin Irontusk�?Ts Chaos Slayer Brotherhood (Kazrin Irontusk)

Entry 6:  Kharnash�?Ts Thieving Gits (Grimstonefire)

Well done everyone.  These were all great entries I think.  I’m impressed as well with the number of votes we had, certainly more than the last rules one I think.

Just worked out that I’ve entered about 60% of all the official competitions we’ve had here, up to 13 now (so obviously I was going to be unlucky this time ;P).

Veteran Medals Awarded:

Bronze: Thommy H

Bronze: Nicodemus


Congrats Tommy!

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Whoot!! Congrats ThommyH

… can’t wait to see your conversion for it :wink:


Yaaar! Pirate Dawi Zharr!!! Good job all, they were all excellent choices!



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Nice work everyone ^^


Yeah, nice work - all way around - and congrats to you Thommy, very well done :hat off

And welcome at the Vet’s club, Nicodemus and ThommyH. A spectacular club!!? Big parties, loud music, free drinks, cool guys, half naked chicks … you know …! - you guys will love it there :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats thommy!! They were all great entries but you got my vote!


Congrats Thommy :cheers

Thommy H:

Cool. Thanks, everyone.


Might have to work all the entries from this and the mini contest last year into a special section of WoH.

Congrats all.


Congrats Thommy!

I’m quite happy with my two votes - cause it was the 1st time I created rules and fluff! :~