[Archive] Artisan's Contest #1 - Voting Thread!

Hashut’s Blessing:

First of all, may I congratulate all entrants and wish them good luck. This voting poll shall be closed on the 22nd of April at 4:00am GMT. originality, plausibility and coolness are all factors here!


Quake Effect

Take a large round base and flock it or sand it, according to preference. Next, take a plastic sprue and cut it into cubes, gluing them onto the base randomly. Add metal shavings for added flavour (remains of the earthshaker round). Paint the cubes like stone (to suggest bits of a wall) and you’re done.

Animosity Marker

Materials = 1 hobgoblin khan on wolf, as many hobgoblins as you deem fit on a 40mm by 40mm base and a circlet of greenstuff.

Take the hobgoblin khan and assemble him normally, except for one thing: cut a hobgoblin’s head off and put it in one of the khan’s hands. Then take the decapitated hobgoblin and do 1 of 2 things: either place it in the khan’s mount’s mouth or behind the khan with a blood trail from the neck to below the head when painted. Then model all of the other hobgoblins to be looking at their leader trying to restore order.

Wound Marker

Materials=empire general banner (the one with the wraith on it) a piece of thin wire, a few skeleton heads from the new vc stuff and a drill.

Take the banner and glue it on a round base towards the back. Then take the thin wire (a paperclip is fine) and straighten it. Drill a small (very small) hole in the front of the base and through all the skeleton heads. Stick the wire in the hole, fill any gaps with greenstuff, and put/remove the skulls on the wire as required.


Wound Marker

The basic idea is to have a spike and you skewer a skull onto it for each wound.  You can either start with a skull for each wound the character has and remove them as he gets wounded, or you can add a skull to the spike every time he takes a wound.

The skulls are best made using spare plastic ones from the skeleton sprue.  Drill a single hole through it with a pin vice, top to bottom, side to side, anywhere except through the face.  When drilling through such a small piece don’t start by drilling with the larger drill bits.  It is best to drill a very narrow hole first and then follow with the larger ones.  If you use the larger bits first then you are likely to split the plastic unpredictably and ruin the skull.

The spike is easy to make: you can use cocktail sticks/toothpicks or the pole of a plastic spear, sharpened to a point.  When it comes to mounting the spike you have several options. One is to mount it on a normal square or round base as if it is sticking out of the ground or a dead body.  You can really go to town on decorating this piece and use it for any character.  You could have the spike sticking out of the ground on the character’s base, although it can get fiddly to add or remove skulls if the character is in a unit.  The final way is to have the spike on the character in some way, as part of a helmet or shoulder decoration, the top of a back banner or on the weapon or shield.  A long spike can look a little strange so you could have several short ones instead.


Rather than skulls, you could sculpt any of the following: small heads, lightning strikes, Hashut symbols.  You could also use shield designs.

Instead of spikes you could have horns.

Animosity Marker

Convert one of your greenskin models to be holding a hollow tube with one end blocked.  You could also just drill a hole straight through the fist of a model, and a drilled-out arrow quiver would work too.  Using a piece of thick wire, make a simple banner pole.  Add a banner to the pole: this can be something as simple as the word “Animosity” or it can show an elaborate fight scene of the unit members attacking each other.  When the unit fails an animosity test, just slide the banner pole into the hollow tube and it is clear to everyone.

Quake Effect

Sculpt a mini volcano out of greenstuff.  Lava dripping down the side, or even spurting out of the top if you are ambitious.  Put this next to any unit affected by a quake.  This can also double as an objective marker or as difficult terrain scenery if you have several of them.


These are all to be used as tokens placed next to the models affected.

Animosity Marker

Wound Marker

Quake Effect


Wound Marker

For the wound marker, you will need a 20mm base. A smalle amount of greenstuff is squahed into a flat cirlce, which leads off of the base. It will extend a distance that will need to reach any model in the army capable of uisng it/to another wound marker.

This may not be easy due to differing distances and I doubt people would like to move their models around the bases they are already glued to, but you will probably want to make several wound markers, dependant upon your army composition.

This allows this problem to be averted more easily as certain wound markers can be used as the first wound for certain models. If you would like to mark them for certain models, a hero may have a bone or skull or enemy’s head on the base as well, a lord may have two, a sorcerer may have magical trinkets and bottles and the like. Ogres may have scraps of food or a squashed gnoblar. Be imaginative. Then, secondary wound markers don’t have to have these trinkets due to their ability to attach to the first marker.

Once these markers have all been made, paint the base to match your army and the pool in a colour that you deem to be the colour of your chaos dwarf’s/creature’s blood (probably red for most people). Don’t forget these can be used for a great taurus, lammasu or bull centaur as well.

Animosity Marker

For the animostiy marker, you shall need to create one for each greenskin unit in the armny, just uin case you are REALLY unlucky.

For hobgoblins, this is a simple mini diorama. On a 40mm or 25mm base if you can fit it on (these are best to be round bases so they are not confused as models in the unit) of two hobgoblins punching each other. Make them normally, but if you can have them running at each other, do so. Clip of their weapon so it looks like a punch being swung and glue a weapon (and shield if they have them) onto the base to show they’ve dropped it. If possible, have one strangling the other and throwing a punch.

For other greenskin units, you will need two markers. One as described above, but using models of that unit type and one to show a result of “Waagh!” as they run forward. For this second result, have a single or several models on the base. The primary one should have it’s mouth open, face turned up and arms streatched above its head, to show its warcry. Others may be bashing weapons against shields and psyching themselves, whilst others may be at full tilt towards the enemy. If you like, during the turn you get this result, you could replace 4 of the models with this base as a unit filler.

Paint in the colours of the unit effected and base it accordingly.

Quake Effect

The Earthshaker effect will be far cheaper and more simplistic to make, unless you wish to embellish it. You will need 2 toothpicks or similar instruments. Effectively, a thin and preferably tall stick. Paint these in a colour that matches your army or, better still, assuming you’re capable, paint explosions running around them (even though they’re a few mm wide).

Get some sting which will need to be slightly over 12" long. You can paint this or use coloured string if preferred. Tie one end to either stick so that the distance between the two is exactly 12".

On top of ONE of the sticks, wrap a small amount of greenstuff around it (make sure this is level and there is a few mm above it), then place a 2" wide piece of cicrular card/cardboard. Push the stick through slighty and add a little glue. Once this has dried, sculpt some cracks onto it or, if you can afford it, the base of Acrchaon (mounted) with the spikes clipped out and the hole filled on top.

Paint this base brown and muddy, then cover in static grass, being sure not to fill the cracks. Roll the string around this stick and when you need to measure, unravel to the necessary distance. The 2" top is the minimum blast radius and the full-length is the maximum.


These are concept art for the models.

Wound Marker

Animosity Marker

Quake Effect


Basically my idea for the 3 markers were to sculpt basic shapes out of putty, 1 for each of the conditions; wounded, shaken and animosity.

I sculpted them out of the cheaper milliput, the wounded and animosity into basic circles like markers and the shaken into a special lightning bolt shape. I was originally going to just sculpt designs onto a round plastic base, but my markers are smaller so take up less room on the gaming table and less likely to get in the way than a full sized base.

Once the basic shapes had hardened a little I sculpted the designs in. All I did was basically use a clayshaper and put the word shake on the lightning bolt and some question marks on the animosity counter. They are to show confusion and not that the riddler has been! The wound marker was done in a kind of explosion shape. For the sake of simplicity, I then pushed in a skull from a black orc banner instead of sculpting my own. This saves a lot of time and anyone can do it. I was inspired by the blood bowl blocking dice for this.

Once I had done these, I decided that instead of painting them straight away, I could copy them in a simple 1 part mold.

The basic mold is made by gluing the shapes to a flat piece of plasticard, ‘ringed’ by the top of a plastic cup, also glued securely (as in the image above). Once the glue has set, you pour rubber over this until the rubber is set. It is then a simple procedure to pour resin (or any other casting material) into the rubber mold.

The finished products should be exact replica of your sculpts, with flat bottoms because they were poured in a 1 part mold.

I then painted them accordingly. The animosity counter is green so you remember it is for greenskins only! A simple coat of foundation paint and then a wash was all that is needed to highlight the details. The wound counter was painted as an explosion and the shake was in a highly noticable red and gold scheme.

Although rubber molding and casting is sometimes considered an advanced modeling skill, I feel that, with the correct materials, this type of project would be perfect for a beginner to learn those skills. It also helps to get more than 1 of each counter. My 2nd batch is on the way as we speak!


Entrant 8

Animosity Marker: Hobgoblin Foursome on monster base

This ‘marker’ will consist of an acted out scene where 4 hobgoblin models have each dropped their weapons and are in a brawl with one another. The four models will be converted to be in a scrum or pile-on formation in the centre of the base, with the dirt around and underneath them showing clear signs of being disturbed, and their discarded weapons strewn on the ground surrounding the pile. This quad base can replace 4 regular hobgoblins during an animosity strike, and represent the entire unit suffering.

Quake Effect Aftermath scene on monster base.

Since our enemy/target changes, two monster bases (one of each size) will be created to the same specifications. The base will have the ground built up on the edges, forming a large crater taking up the majority of the base surface area, and will be laden with metal debris and blown apart rock. The ‘marker’ is places at point of impact, and all models in base contact are to be tipped over in the direction directly opposite of the side touching, to represent the quake/aftershock.

Wound Marker: Chaos Dwarf Single Miniature

This ‘marker’ will consist of a Chaos Dwarf character model, the model will be converted to be gritting his teeth in defiance or screaming aloud in pain over the agony of his injury, which will also be part of the conversion. Specifically, his left arm will be severed at the elbow, with blood oozing out of his arm while his remaining arm poises to swing his axe in revenge!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Congratulations to all entrants and good luck to all artisans! For me, it boiled down to a decision between entrants 2 and 4. They both seemed the most original and practical to me. Alas, I didn’t like the skull-stacking option so much because I saw that so many people had gone for that option. However, the originality, ease and thematics of the other two added up with it (as it’s a good idea anyway) to win the day. Or at least the vote from me. I also thought that entrant 4 could perhaps have explained it a little more clearly and in less detail whilst still getting the imagery across.


Really fun stuff guys, it is great to see that people put some thought into this and submitted an entry! My suspicion is that one of the more visual entries will win, but don’t quote me on that :wink:

Good luck to all who participated, well done!


i like entrant number 3. one of the things that was stated in the competition was practicality, and really nothing is more practical than printing off the full colour tokens onto a piece of card. which i why unfortunately although i loved entrant 5’s concept designs they werent really something if you did create you could duplicate easily enough to have enough for a battle. they are fanastic concepts though.

i also like the idea of entrant 7’s animosity counter, basically walling it off from the battle!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

LOL it’s quite a surprise to see so many people going for the “skull kebab” concept independently of each other.

At least I cannot remember having ever seen this in a game, but it seems to be obvious to many. Great minds think alike! :hat off


BUMP! We need more voters!

Kera foehunter:

I voted great job!!!#3 thats one sexy chaos dwarf.

Typical male small cut big yell!!!Hehehe(sorry can’t help it )


Hi, it was difficult for me to choose one… but a decided myself for the enrant 3, because it’s “ready to use” and easy to download :wink:

If I had time and talent, I think that entrant 5 gives a good start for creating the coolest markers ever seen !

Hashut’s Blessing:

Please bear in mind that this is for originality and the idea. Of course, you’re likely to have the permission of the entrants (you will be able to ask after the winner has been announced) to be allowed to use their ideas.

Come on need more voters! In a website with about 750 members, we have had 17 votes in 4 days!


I realize it takes a while to read through all the entries, but it is worth it! There are some great ideas here people.

I kind of ran out of time to make my entry, but looking at all the entries, I wish to evolve some of the ideas.

Wound: Make X versions of the same model at varying degrees of battle damage, swapping the damaged poses in when wound are taken. And for quick reference, put a number of objects on their base, like rocks or skulls, to indicate how many wounds are left. For example, A Chaos Dwarf Lord would start with a model that looks pristine, and has three rocks (or skulls) on his base. After he takes a wound, replace the model with a model that has only two rocks, and now maybe he has slashes on his shield, blood from his lip, blood on his weapon, etc. When he takes another would, and he has only one wound remaing, replace the model with a very injured looking model with only one rock left on the base. The injuries become more severe with each model and the rocks will make for easy wound identification. :slight_smile:

Animosity: I really like ENTRANT 2’s idea for adding in swappable flags. That’s awesome. To expand upon this, I might have a unit filler in the center of the unit (20x20 for [hob]goblins, 40x40 for [black] orcs). It would have a large rock on it where a single member of the of unit would stand. The rock would have either a magnet, or holes (like ENTRANT 2’s idea) where a different Greenskin model could be placed. The normal model would be upright, and marching. The animosity Greenskin might look crazed, or possibly be fighting another greenskin to the death as everyone watches (The Champion was challenged!). Other possible swap out could be used for Fleeing. A Greenskin that has turned tail, and dropped his weapon could be used. You could also have various other psychology tests represented like fear (hitting on 6s) or even earthshaker effect on your own troops (ruddy Chaos Dwarf aiming!).

Shake: I never had any great ideas for this beyond a shell, buried in the ground as the marker for where is landed. Alternatively, a Small mushroom cloud marker, like ENTRANT 5 could used for where the shell lands, then you could have some black cotton puffs that you could place atop units affected by the shake effect. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the entries, I was very impressed!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow Xander that is definitely the deluxe version of a wound marker! Unfortunately, as many models tend to lose more than one wound if they are wounded, you might end up having quite a few spare models that you don’t ever need. I have to say that it would look really nice, though. :wink:


Id have the earthshaker marker as a pair of flaming boots , all thats left of the victim.


Id have the earthshaker marker as a pair of flaming boots , all thats left of the victim.

thats what i was thinking of for the wound marker a pair of smouldering boots i didnt get an entry in so voted for the one that had the other two ideas similar to what i was thinking :hat


Wow Xander that is definitely the deluxe version of a wound marker! Unfortunately, as many models tend to lose more than one wound if they are wounded, you might end up having quite a few spare models that you don't ever need. I have to say that it would look really nice, though. ;)

Ishkur Cinderhat
i agree it would be ok for an infantry hero and look really cool, but imaging making your lord of great taurus for every wound combination! great in theory but not entirely practical or cost effective.

the skull kebab idea is a pretty good one, im sure ive seen it done before for a gaming system unless im just thinking of chaos terminators lol. the magnetic animosity idea is a good one too, but would become defunct if the unit became too small to fit the filler in.

at the end of the day what your really looking for is something easier when playing the game than a piece of paper and a pencil for keeping track of things, and in my opinion unless you want to spend hours making things the clear concise tokens are very easy to use.

then again i dont think ill ever go further than tearing off a piece of paper, writing something on it and then putting it next to the unit.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

then again i dont think ill ever go further than tearing off a piece of paper, writing something on it and then putting it next to the unit.

Which is IMO more than you even need in a regular 2k points battle. But that's not the idea - these markers should make the whole thing more interesting and.. graphic. ^^

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mr. Xander, your wound marker is my original idea for it, but I thought I’d go with something a little more… cost effective :smiley: Still only 21 votes! Seriously, start telling everyone on the website to vote. There’s 750ish members and 21 votes, 8 of which are likely the participants.


No one is saying the Wound idea has to cover every model you have. We are just coming p with sweet ideas to inspire people. :slight_smile:

Ya, we need more votes in here!


Your idea is very creative Xander and I think it would be cool to do it with a hero maybe.

As for voting, I think those with the pictures are in with a much better chance of winning.


Some great ideas here guys, great work.


doh! pps we need more votes!!!