[Archive] Artisan's Contest #1 - Winner Announced!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thank you to all of those that participated, it was interesting to see all of the entries and, hopefully, got people’s creative juices flowing!

Anyways, now to the man of the hour, the winner of te first Artisan’s Contest, the receiver of a statuette (which shall be given by an admin, as I don’t have the power) is…

drum roll Ishkur Cinderhat!

Congratulations! Well deserved, I do believe. A whopping 10 votes out of the 24 given! Proof enough that your entry was a winner.

The other entrants, in order of entry, with their place number afterwards, are as follows:

alkiroth (5th)

cornixt (Joint 2nd)

grom (Joint 2nd)

Hashut’s Blessing (Joint 7th)

Ishkur (1st)

torn (4th)

Willmark (joint 7th)

Vexxus (6th)

Once again, well done and thank you to all. Thank you also to those that voted. Next time, we’d like to see more voters, as we had a mere 24 out of the 750 people on this website!

Details of the entries can be found here.


Gratz Ishkur… and to rest who participated :slight_smile:

p.s. lets make a list of those pps that didnt voted and lynch them one-by-one :wink:


congratulations ishkur, they were some really good designs, i especially liked the cauldron, and might possibly steal your idea for it one day if you dont mind.

i think everyone who entered, and even voted deserve my congratulations as they turned there attention to something new, and big thanks to hashuts blessing for organising the whole thing.


Bravo! Now I need to make the medal. Hehe, any ideas for what I could use? A gear maybe?

EDIT: I awarded two Silvers and a Gold! Thanks to all those who participated, well done! Normally, for GH contests I decided I won’t award Silver or Bronze awards, but I really wanted to show the appreciation of CDO to the people who contributed entries. :slight_smile:


Congrats Ishkur and to all who entered!

Thou I did think my Earthshaker effect was quite novel (sulks) :wink:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Whohoo! Now let’s see how many blood cauldrons with skull racks will pop up in the next months. :slight_smile: I am glad people liked my designs. I was a bit surprised to be the only one who drew them - I didn’t think of anything else. I’m aware that they might seem hard to convert, but I’ll definitely try my hand on realizing these concepts.

By the way, my personal favourite was the entry by cornixt. :cheers I found the flag idea for the animosity marker quite brilliant.


Congrats all!

Ishkur you have no more room for medals! haha

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mr. Xander, a cog sounds quite good. Was thinking maybe a small hammer and chisel or something. Something to do with the Artisan thing.


Ishkur’s medals are starting to look like General Patton’s left shoulder…


OK, Iskhur will soon take up more space than his avvy with his medals. How many has he won now? (including al the golden hats, not just one)


Congrats Ishkur and to all who entered some of those ideas have got to be modelled:hat

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hah, there is still a lot do be done before I look like that! :wink:


yep, thats next year right ishkur?:slight_smile: