[Archive] Artisan's Contest #2 - Voting Thread!

Hashut’s Blessing:

First of all, my apologies for the voting starting a week later than it should have. I ended up in York for a week as an unseen holiday to my friend�?Ts, where I could not connect to his new house�?Ts Internet. Secondly, I would like to apologise for the lack of entries. I acknowledge that GHVI was occurring simultaneously, but this contest can be about pure thought, so it shouldn�?Tt be difficult to enter. In future, the competitions shall be performed at separate times. Do not let the presentation of the idea affect your judging. This competition is all about who�?Ts concept you prefer, not how the concept is put across. Pictures were never compulsory. The design that you will be judging was a proposal as to how to model a Prison Wagon for the Mordheim Chaos Dwarf list, provided by Border Town Burning, with full rules here.

Entry 1

Entry 2

First, get a large number of thin pieces of wood. Balsa can be used, but I plan to use (unused) coffee stirrers, �?oborrowed�?� from McDonald�?Ts. Glue these together, side-by-side to create decking. Use cocktail sticks or something similar to form axles at either end of the rectangle of deck you�?Tve just made. Glue wheels onto these: I plan to use large wheels, most likely taken from Hellcannon wheels. Now, I had two ideas for the daemonic engine: the first was just to use a draft animal to represent it, which later changed to the idea of the clockwork horse with aethyric arms and faces stretching out, as well as a change of iconography, etc. The second idea was to build the engine. A couple of pieces of sprue, clipped and glued together, with greenstuff covering it to make it square, then add a cog, made from plasticard/something similar and using some Dwarf crossbow-bow parts, make it look more like an engine. Sculpt a face trying to stretch out of the machine. Use more of the crossbow-bow parts and small lengths of cocktail sticks and GS-sinew to join the engine to the decking where you like (I shall likely do this at the front). Add a couple of sticks (cocktail or weapon handles) with small blobs of GS/mace heads on the end as levers and the engine and base is made.

Next, are the �?ocages�?�. I decided to have it as more of a restraint and torture wagon, as it seemed cool and to represent the more sadistic nature of my Gaoler. The first is a smaller rectangle of wood, made in the same style as the original decking. Make sure it is large enough for a model to lay upon. Then, add �?olegs�?� to support it from a couple of slats of wood or in a style more akin to a table (more sticks here). Time to add a winch at either end: wrap some string around a cocktail stick and at either end, place cogs with lengthened �?oteeth�?� to make the turning part of the winch. Glue one of these on top at either end of the table. To create a manacle for each piece of rope, grab a 40+mm base and cut of two circles from underneath. They will likely bend, but that is perfect. Glue these to the end of the rope and lay them towards the middle of the table. Have the other end of the rope hidden beneath the winch. You know have a rack on which to torture captives.

I also decided to have a gibbet and a similar devise that is a cage shaped to a person on their hands and knees. These are far more simplistic to make. They will require a lot of wire or paper clips: Straighten the paper clips or wire and then have them all curve into the same point at the top. This will make it look a bit like a bullet. Then, have some wire go in lines around the sides to give the shape some durability. This is the gibbet done. You may wish to add some wire to the base of it so they can�?Tt jump out. Fold some wire into an incredibly tiny paper clip shape to imply a padlock and glue that on. As for the hands and knees cage, bend the wires into a S-shaped Tetris piece. These will be the two side parts. Next, add one the curves over like an �?~n�?T between them, to form the frame of the shoulders and hands. Add in the rest of the wire to finish forming the shape. Make sure the limbs are kept individual. Make another padlock as above and glue in the middle of the shape (as though it would open down the middle).

Next up, is the Iron Maiden. This is effectively a coffin or sarcophagus that you would be made to stand in, with spikes pointing inside. The easiest way would be to get the coffin from the Black Coach, removed the insides and add spikes, whether from Chaos sprues or from the ends of cocktail sticks. Another option is to build it from the wood etc. I recommend detailing the outside with iconography: a large skull with decal around it or a shield emblem glued on etc.

Just two more to go�?� These two are also simple: one is some rope/chain (chains can be made by gluing lots of flail chains together. Make sure the links match up) that leads to a collar, with inwards spikes. These can be made from a bear trap (ogre sprue) that has had the spikes cut off, split into individual spikes and glued pointing inwardly. These one may be best to have a model be in it. Then, cuff their wrists with a circle from the bottom of the 40+mm base or cuff them to the collar with a little loop of greenstuff. The last �?oposition�?� in the cart is some ropes hanging underneath, positioned to spread eagle a captive underneath, so any large rocks will scratch them. Again, a model bound in these may make this easier. The ropes can be made in the same fashion as for the rack.

The last addition is to make a CD to drive it and man it, then paint it all up and glue the gibbet, iron maiden, all-fours cage and rack on top of the decking. Enjoy!


Both are excellent entries! The conversion and paint job on the first one are obviously outstanding! The second one, however, explains some great ideas about how to represent the daemonic engine - I wonder if the author plans on building the wagon some day and maybe couldn’t finish the work in time for the contest.


Nice ones indeed. A shame I didn’t have the time to do mine but I do see similarities with the ones above. I will build mine as I want to make a complete warband.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Oh well, there is just a bit more possible choices here than during the presidential elections in Zimbabwe. :wink: Good idea to place the contest not at the same time as the Golden Hat next time! It seems the GH grossly outhypes the Artisan’s contest, which is a shame really. I think good ideas deserve a lot of attention.

Knight Of Awsome:

I started on my Artisan’s Contest entry… but it slow came to a stop as i was focusing more on my Golden hat. I’m wondering if we should change the times of both so that people focusing on GH can get it done (after one month GH we start AC).

Kera foehunter:

i wish i would of did one sorry guys.I got to busy.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Unfortunately for me I left it too late to get my parts in for the contest, so I concentrated on GHVI (power outages from storms and flooding notwithstanding).

I also still plan on making mine…maybe in the near future we can do a prison wagon showcase…

Liked both ideas tremendously, especially the demonis engine description in entry 2. Way to go and get them done.



The Staff has been discussing the Artisans’ Contest and we will have a few remedies to make sure that it is not under represented in the future.

Kera foehunter:

that cool !!! i think we need to space them out more. or a two week warning, some people work better under pressure

Hashut’s Blessing:

It was originally planned to have the competitions at separate times, but BTB wnated some pictures/ideas/drawings etc for their supplement, hence the dual-running of them. As for tose that mention getting parts, there’s no need for parts, as can be shown by the second entrant! Shame you couldn’t all enter, but there IS next time. Those that wish they’d entered, had BETTER enter next time or hats will roll!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m double-posting to get some more people to vote. 20 votes out of over 850 members! Get voting. It’s a tie right now… The voting closes on Saturday!

Kera foehunter:

that is odd 20 people and it 50 /50


well, it’s better than last time at least;)

I like idea 2, nice and good and detailed


already voted


I started an entry for the first one. I’ll get cracking next time. I’ve been without net access too long. :~

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, it appears we have a winner. A new thread shall be posted with the results!