[Archive] Artisan's Contest #4 - Voting Thread


Seeing as we can fit all the entries into a poll, we will keep this open as a 7 day timed poll.

I really hope that people who did not manage to will check out the pdf, even if they did not contribute in the discussion.

Although there will only be a Gold Artisan’s medal for this (as we did not get more than 10 entries), it would really help to get as many votes as possible so we do not have a draw.

I know many of the people who joined in the discussion have already used the judging criteria suggestions (below), but don’t feel you have to stick to this.

�?� Use of Language (is it professionally written?): /10

�?� Playability (are the rules streamlined?): /10

�?� Balance (are the rules and points fair and do they adhere to typical GW design?): /10

�?� Fun (do the rules make for a fun experience?): /10

�?� Lore (are the rules fluffy and do they fit the character of the Chaos Dwarfs?): /10

How to vote

Select the one entry you feel is the best. After 7 days the poll will automatically close, and the winner will be announced.

You don’t have to reply here with your scores for each entry, just select the one you think deserves to win.


It’s only fair that I remind people if they need to vote please do it now. Voting will close at the end of Monday.


Hmm, weird. Why didn’t this come up as a new post until today? This is the first I’ve seen it… I usually check CDO about 2-3 times a day and there hasn’t been that much churn in topics.


Good job I bumped it then! If that was the case for a lot of people we might get more votes in.

Kera foehunter:

Hmm, weird. Why didn't this come up as a new post until today?  This is the first I've seen it... I usually check CDO about 2-3 times a day and there hasn't been that much churn in topics.

so your on here that much Grndl !! you should work more lol


Welp, my vote’s in. Thought I might have missed this thread, what with all the excitement over Bull Centaurs/Forge World/KevinC’s List.


1200+ members and only 23 votes.

The turnout is worse than an off-year primary in Philadelphia.

Can’t the Admin do a broadcast PM to get out the vote?

Kera foehunter:

well go lobby the members !! i voted so you don’t need to bug me !!

Thommy H:

Were you actually expecting twelve hundred people to vote, Bilbo? Anyone with any experience with message boards will tell you that only a tiny fraction of the total number of members will actually be active members, and only a tiny fraction of those will be around with enough frequency to have an opinion on a competition like this.


I know that, but less than 1% is disheartening. I’m not sure how many active members are here but I would like to think it’s more than the current 24 that voted.

Kera foehunter:

well keep posting up here and your find more!!

well at least where lucky this site is still quite active

not like other that are


I agree with kera. And by the way, 23 votes aren’t that bad :).

Hey man, your are taking it too personal! I entered this competition because I thought it was a funny idea, don’t care how many people voted, or if I’ll win or not!

I had fun in writing these rules, this is more than enough for me! :cheers

And… As kera said, this comunity rocks, so glad I joined, so glad someone checked (and voted) my stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not taking it personal, I didn’t expect to win and I’m not. I have fun with coming up with unit concepts and rules, and even entered another rules contest on Carpe Noctem. I was hoping for more voting.

Thommy H:

Can you name 24 regular posters off the top of your head? The voting ratio is fine.


To be honest I’m surprised by the number of people that have voted, considering it was mainly just the entrants who took part in the discussion phase. Still, 24 votes thus far is more than we usually get for an artisans I think.