[Archive] Artisan's Contest Gallery & Scribe's Contest Hall of Fame Up Now



We have now set up a new gallery for our tinkering and experimental Artisan’s Contests, as well as a long-promised Hall of Fame for the Scribe’s Contests. Both are to be found in sticky threads in Introductions & CDO Information:

[align=center]Artisan’s Contest Gallery

Scribe’s Contest Hall of Fame

This is part of our ongoing restoration of Chaos Dwarfs Online. Once the restoration is complete, we plan to archive most resources on the frontpage (but not remove them altogether!) and replace them with frontpage index links leading to all the new resource threads on the forum proper.

This whole endeavour was made possible thanks to the hard work of Jasko, who pulled a great part of the burden!

Check it out! :hat off

The Staff

Also on CDO: Golden Hat XXXIII: Voting (Deadline 29th of September)

Rumblings of Chaos Dwarfs to Come

Reaver of Uzkulak :

Thanks to all who made this happen. As a newer member this is extremely convenient and fun to peruse. :slight_smile: