[Archive] Artisans X Winner


The winner is Cornixt with 49% of the vote. Since there were only three entries, only a gold medal is awarded.

These are the entries:

Entry 1 - Cornixt

Entry 2 - zobo1942

Entry 3 - G.2

Well done to all entrants!


Congrats (:

And also to all who entered.


Congrats, Cornixt!

From Banner Competition

I was trying to illustrate Chaos dwarf society in my banner - Lost, the dwarfs find chaos which leads to the building of the temple and the worship Hashut, ruled over by sorcerer lords. The different moon phases (left and right, and the sun at the top were supposed to illustrate past, present and future and that the DawiZharr empire will last forever. The hobgoblin drawings at the bottom were supposed to show that the entirety of Chaos Dwarf society is built upon the labour of greenskin slaves.


Congrats Cornixt and well done all the other entrants!


Congratulations Cornixt. Well done on the win.


All great entries and a deserving winner. congrats all round


Great explanation Zobo.

And congrats to the entrants and to the winner :slight_smile:


Great explanation Zobo.

I now want to explain my entry. :)

1. Design Aspect: The rabbit head and horns are based on two seperate, old (probaly medieval) wood block prints, which I reproduced by hand onto the one image. The CD beard was then added to the chin of the rabbit.

2. Background Fluff: It is the war banner design of my Hobgoblin forces. The design is that of the wild carninvorous rabbit, which lives in the mountains surrouding the hobgoblins. This rabbit has been known to kill and devour a fully grown hobgoblin, and it is a tale told to explain the disapperance of many hobgoblins. It is also a tale told to the young hobgobbos, so as to prevent them from wondering too far from their tribes. Subsequently as these Hobgoblins have now been enslaved by the Chaos Dwarfs, the banner has been modified to incorporate an element of their new Lords and Masters.

3. My Style: I don't take my wargaming too seriously, and I enoy incorporating some sort of humour into my minis, gaming and terrain. This I believe adds a memorable element to the hobby, as well as probably putting a smile on someone's face. I do hope I have not offended any of the hard-core CD fans.


3. It is also a funny and memorable banner. I don't take my wargaming too seriously. I hope I have not offended any of the hard-core CD fans.

I do not think so, it's pure fun :D

Cornixt: it's your turn ;)


Well done all entrants - and a special notion has to go to G.2’s carnivorous horned rabbit! :smiley:

I voted for Cornixt, since his banner has the strongest lines and resembles the traditional red period banners. Now, seeing Zobo’s banner in colour, I realize that he might have got my vote. So, Cornixt, make a badass colour version of your banner for us to see. :wink:


Okay, mine is based heavily on the old 4/5th edition banner style, with the borders and several small elements combined. I have a whole page of those elements (and many I didn’t use) so anyone can use them as they wish to make their own banners. I’ll upload this and a colour version of my winning entry in the next week.


That’ll be great. Thank you in advance!


Thank you. Nice to hear how all of you developed your ideas :slight_smile:


Been too busy to get this done until now, but here is the coloured banner and the parts I made it from. I don’t have any decent painting software (not that I am any good at using it anyway), so almost everything is just graded colours. I forgot how hard it is to pick a good colour scheme for a composition like this, hopefully it isn’t too rainbow!

I made all the parts using vector graphics, so if anyone wants the raw files as a Visio or similar file then pm me, although I can’t promise that Visio will output a valid file (I’ve never been able to read any of the vector files it makes).

Edit: Won’t let me upload the parts, I’ll see what I can do about them.