[Archive] Ash Storm and Black Hammer


I you get Ash Storm of on an ogre unit, and sucsessfully hit and wound on 3 attacks with the hammer and they dont save, does 1 ogre die or 3? (If you hit the unit)

I would say 3, but I am not sure since its multiple wound models.


the hammer says it kills flamable models if it does 1 wound. So when you deal 3 wounds to the ogre unit, you kill 3 models. Seeing as 1 wound = 1 dead model.


I think it’s a very good question. A lot of ogre players would properly use an argument something like this. Say, your castellan does 2 wounds.

"My 3 wound ogre takes 2 wounds from our hammer. But since it’s flammable it’s killed by the speciel rule."

I think it depends on how you distribute wounds. I would think that all wounds are delivered first, and then the speciel rule applies. Normally you have to slay one model at a time.


Good question. I’d play it like normal when fighting multiple wound units. That is, all wounds are shoveled on one Ogre at a time until it’s all gone, and then the next. I think only 1 Ogre dies, but I’m lousy with rules.


What if a Bretonnian Lord with HKB rolls three 6’s To Wound vs. a unit of Ogres?

You’d remove 3 Ogres, so the same rule would apply, I think.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Each strike kills a model as if it only had a single wound because the entire model is flammable. To do otherwise would completely screw up a bunch of other rules (like Killing Blow).


Same discussion could be had with heroic killing blow at ogres? 3 hits, 3 wounds 3 models or 1 model?


I can see it both ways, though I’m inclined to think that 3 wounds = 3 dead ogres.

If your local scene rules it that 1-3 wounds = 1 dead ogre (4-6 = 2, etc.), you can still maximize your chances by dividing your attacks. You should be in base to base with at least two ogres (or other multiwound creatures such as trolls). So designate that some of your attacks are going to each before rolling.


Just talked to my local GW manager. 3 wounds against flammable monstrous units kills 3 models outright.

And to be perfectly honest it wouldn’t make sense if it was anything otherwise, would defeat 50% of the purpose of this item. If you think your opponent is going to be a wanker about it just call that you’re targeting 3 separate ogres beforehand. But I don’t think that’s necessary.


If you’re hitting the unit, each wounding hit kills a whole Ogre; they’re flammable and the Hammer one-hit kills flammable models. Nothing remotely ambiguous about it.

If you’re hitting the unit champion though, its different - if he is the only model your hammer-wielding Hero can attack, he is the only one who will die.


How is this even a question? The hammer states any flammable model that is wounded is killed outright. That is beyond clear it is not vague or ambiguous at all. Oh look you are a dragon, you became flammable and took a wound you die. Done.


How is this even a question?  The hammer states any flammable model that is wounded is killed outright.  That is beyond clear it is not vague or ambiguous at all.  Oh look you are a dragon, you became flammable and took a wound you die.  Done.

That's not the question, I think you need to read it again mate;)


Its also faq’d in the forgeworld thread if your opponent is still arguing



This combo has now got its own rhyme song.