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i’ve decided to re-paint my woodelfs, due to the fact most of them look HORRABLE, i’ll take pictures of them befor i paint them, and then some after i paint them to give a before and after effect.

[align=right]sorry no pictures yet[/align]

Hashut’s Blessing:

Are you going to strip them first or just paint over?


some i’ll strip, some i’ll paint over

Kera foehunter:

please strip the other you have time. well i like to see them so don’t forget to post


yeah it would be nice to get the before photos, and then you can really get some good idea of how much progress you are making.

stripping isnt that nessicary if you only paint very thinly. especially on plastics as they never hold that much detail for it to make much of a difference anyway.

good luck with them!


what colour scheme for your woodelves? I love the woodelves, they were some of the first ones I painted, but I enjoyed the autumn colour scheme… the winter isn’t bad either. :slight_smile:


My old woodelf color scheme was suposed to be reds and yellow, autem colors, but I started to use green on some models so they don’t realy look like 1 army

also most of my glade gaurd are brown, so my army looks HORABLE!, and on top of my bad paining skills you can only imagine

as soon as i find my camera, i’ll take pictures right befoe I repaint and after I repaint

I’ll post a picture each unit (old paint job and new paint job) in the first post, and I’ll tell you when it’s been updated, that way it’ll be easyer to find each picture at any later time

Kera foehunter:

that cool i like the autum cools. isn’t your camera in the junk closett asheria

Hashut’s Blessing:

Are you stripping any plastics? If so, how are you planning to do so?