[Archive] Asian themed Tomb King army


Half-painted asian themed Tomb King army

8 skeletal heavy calvary

2 tomb king characters (geisha girl, chinese mandarin)

24 tomb guard (nightmare legion ror from the 80’s)

3 ushabti (chinese foo dog statues)

2 units of 25 skeleton warriors with sashimonos

1 bone giant (chinese dragon)

10 skeleton archers

1 casket of souls (chinese gong)

1 screaming skull catapult

2 scorpins

TK book


i also have 8 hobgoblin wolfriders without wolves, for trade

some items in trade im looking for

phoenix guard



battle pilgrims with the grail retinue

the unreleased chaos dwarves with great weapons

army cases



GW Green battle mat

if someone has a cash offer or an army to trade, we can discuss that too.